Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

I recently suggested that amaryllis bulbs and hand print ornaments might be nice Christmas gifts if you're looking for some ideas.  It reminded me that over the years I've posted about a number of different crafts that could also make really nice Christmas gifts.  Here they are in case you're needing some homemade Christmas gift ideas right about now.

Recycled Ski and Pallet Sled  The sleds are very cheap to make but they go fast.  Gift them to older kids or pull your little ones around on it.  For them, you could even add a back and sides.

Quilt Potholders Love to quilt and need a little project that can be finished quickly?  These might be just what you need and they're a great way to use smaller bits of fabric that you love.  I gave these as gifts to siblings and a few friends last year.  They were so fun to make.

Homemade Fire Starters  Need a gift idea for a man (or woman) who loves burning wood?  Make them some fire starters using small Christmas cookie cutters and package them up in a brown sandwich bag (or a jar) with some red ribbon.

Marshmallow Shooter  Do you need a gift for someone who enjoys target practice and has a sweet tooth? You could even enlist your own kids to help make them.

Fabric Bulletin Board  Help decorate a room and give your loved one a place to keep their special pictures and cards.

Keepsake Name Sign  Craft stores have everything you need to put these name signs together and they're very sweet, don't you think?

Simple Knotted Fleece Blankets  My sister gave our kids these blankets for Christmas a few years ago. I couldn't believe how easy the instructions sound.  Our kids still use these nightly during the colder weather, often bringing them downstairs with them in the mornings.

Homemade Stilts  Jamey made these for our kids many years ago.  They still use them and he's raised the foot holds as they grow and are able to maneuver higher off the ground.

Pumpkin Streusel Bread  I couldn't put this post together without mentioning a baked gift, could I? This is my most-often baked gift and I hope to make some mini loaves of it this year for gifts and to have on hand to take to potlucks and get-togethers.

Do you have any homemade gift ideas for this year?  I have another one but if I share it won't be a surprise so you'll just have to wait :-).
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  1. Thanks! I think I'll be doing most of these projects, just coz they look so fun & useful!

  2. All good ideas, especially with children. I have 7 adult children, 5 of my own, 2 by marriage. They all get canned items, the 3 men and my husband get a new long sleeve shirt. The 4 women usually get something all the same...last year I made them all pajama pants out of flannel that my mother found at resale shop. It had a wintery pattern. I added thermal long sleeve tops from the farm store to the bottoms. Two years ago I made them aprons. This year they are getting homemade reusable grocery bags. I made the pattern off one from the grocer that I liked, not too big.

    I've done potholders for stocking presents, but usually I do them for wedding shower presents. The mini loaves work great for my mother and other seniors. I preslice them and wrap well in foil and then a ziploc. My mother likes to have them on hand so she can pull out one when she has her lady friends or apartment neighbors over for tea/coffee.

  3. Your post is full of great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. The potholders are so pretty!

  5. Great ideas! I am sure anyone on your list feels blessed. Hugs, Camille

  6. I love the Keepsake Name Signs. I would love to make these for my grands next Christmas. And of course, the Pumpkin Streusel Bread . Yum!


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