Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crafty Sisters: Marshmallow Shooter

Do you remember my Crafty Sisters series?  The one where I share the crafty things my sisters and sister-in-laws make?  Well, I have another very important installment.  For Christmas, my sister-in-law made and gave Sam a marshmallow shooter.

We're Mennonites and don't condone violence, but firing off a mini marshmallow with your breath and getting pegged with one with the chance to eat it quick before the shooter collects it...well...that's just fun.

I asked my sister-in-law to share a bit here on how she made hers... just in case you need a project to liven things up this winter.

How to Make a Marshmallow Shooter

Cost Breakdown:

Cost of pvc pipes and connectors, $2.00
Cost of a bag of mini marshmallows, $1.00
Fun your kids can have with a marshmallow shooter….PRICELESS!

Supplies Needed:

29 inches of 1/2" PVC pipe

A pipe-cutting device (see below)
Bag of mini marshmallows
Two lumps of play dough
Spray paint or colored duct tape (purely optional)

**You need a total of 27" length of pipe, add an extra inch or two to allow for cutting    


1) Cut the pvc pipes to desired lengths (listed below) with a chop saw and it worked great (but wear goggles).  You could also use a hack saw or a pipe cutter.  

2 -- "L" connectors for 1/2" pvc pipe
2-- "T" connectors for 1/2" pvc pipe
2-- endcaps for 1/2" pvc pipe
5--4" long 1/2" pvc pipe
1--7" long 1/2" pvc pipe

2) Sand the edges if needed before putting pieces together.

3) Use two lumps of playdoh to block the pipes not in the natural passageway for the marshmallow to travel, making the air pressure greater

4) If your PVC pieces have a lot of writing on them, you can paint the pieces with spray paint.  You could also decorate them with colored duct tape or electrical tape.  

5) Fit the pieces together according to the diagram found here on pages 3 and 4. Important: Do not glue or paint closed the shooter pieces.  If the marshmallows or pipes get wet, it can become sticky inside and you want to be able to take it apart to clean it out.

And of course, marshmallows will become sticky on your carpets and if left to get stale, they become hard and can hurt when you're struck by them.  So, use YOUR best judgement- you are the parent!

6) Insert marshmallows into the mouthpiece and BLOW!  Let the fun begin:-)!

(She used plans from Family Capers.)
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  1. Wait till I show my grandson Nicholas and my son Dan who will show Nick how to make it,love it

  2. Oh fun! My darling sister sent our children marshmallow shooters last year and they are a blast (pardon the pun!) Alas, they have already fallen apart so it's nice to see a homemade version!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. sweet. we are heading to a birthday party this weekend and needed a gift. can't wait to try this out! will probably go ahead and make one for ourselves as well :)

  4. this is hilarious!!! I'm going to show this to my husband and see if he'll build some.

  5. My younger niece is going to LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!


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