Living Simply to Give

In September of 2010, I changed the purpose and focus of this blog.  For the two years prior, I wrote about gardening, preserving, homeschooling, chickening, food, our children, and a little bit about my faith.

During the spring of 2010, I sought more meaning and purpose in my life.  God sent books, classes, new ways of thinking, and teachers my way and before long, my purpose crystallized and became clear.  I was to continue living simply and do all that I had been doing, but my purpose for doing it needed to change.  Instead of living simply for our health, peace of mind, for the environment and our own satisfaction, we needed to live this way in order to be able to give more to others.  The giving would in turn glorify God if the gifts included His message.  The other benefits are a bonus!

I wanted my blog to reflect this purpose and change and launched the new direction with a series of posts explaining how I came to this new found purpose and decision.  It's not rocket science, but it hit me as if it was.  Read the following posts, in order, to get the full picture of what we're doing here.

Oh, and I must say that I highly recommend seeking.  Ask God to fill the void.  Open your eyes and heart to what he has in store for you.  It can be a bit scary to see where He'll take you, but living a cushy, predictable, safe life can be a bit scary, too.

Day One: Laying the Foundation 
Day Two: The Reveal 
Day Three: Consider Your Gift's Destination 
Day Four: Motivation That Lasts & A Key, Final Point 
Day Five: From Here on Out 

The How
Finding Money to Give
A New Tradition
Our Gifts 
Forgoing Replacements 
What I Haven't Been Writing About
How I Do Coupons 
On the Cusp 
House Woes
The Rich Family In Church 

Giving of Ourselves Interview: Michelle 
Giving of Ourselves Interview: Jennifer 
Giving of Ourselves Interview: Zoë 
Giving of Ourselves Interview: Ashleigh 

Eating Simply In Order to Give
Simple Meal Idea: Sweet and Sour Lentils 
Simple Meal Idea: Mexican Skillet Rice
Simple Meal Idea (Everyday Lentils and Rice) & Resource 

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