Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crafty Sisters: More Than Just A Name

Jamey's sister made these incredible wooden names for the kids' birthdays.  They are really cool and something I know the kids will hold onto for a long, long time.

Do you need a gift idea for a child in your life?  These are personal, meaningful and will grow with the child.  Okay, well, they don't literally grow.  I just mean kids won't outgrow them.  Silly you- wooden letters that grow.  That's funny.

I asked her to share how she put these together and she graciously did.  Below are the instructions. 

~  pre-cut wooden letters from a craft store
~  a piece of wood cut for a base (or hang your letters on the wall, and forget the base)
~  sandpaper
~  paint (for letters)
~  craft or wood glue
~  scissors
~  a variety of coordinating scrapbook papers
~  sticker accents--3D or raised look best
~  small scraps of coordinating ribbons
~  small flat paintbrush

Step 1:  Cut a narrow base for the letters to be glued to.
Step 2:  Sand the wooden base and letters and paint them all the same color.
Step 3:  Trace each letter onto colorful, patterned scrapbook paper.  I used a different but coordinating paper for each letter.  Cut out the paper letters, just slightly smaller than the wooden letters.
Step 4:  Using a paintbrush, paint the Mod Podge in a THIN layer over the face of the letter and place the paper letter on top.  Smooth it out and brush away the extra Mod Podge.  When it's dry, brush another thin layer on top of the paper to protect it.
Step 5:  Accent each letter with small ribbons and raised/3D stickers.  Sadie got flowers, Sam got an outer space theme.
Step 6:  Using craft or wood glue, glue each letter to the painted base, evenly spaced.

Crafty Sisters: Knot Your Ordinary Blanket

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  1. These are incredibly cute! Such wonderful color combos and themes...what a great job she did! Thank you for sharing...that could be a cute baby shower gift if the person knows the sex and name of her baby already...

  2. So adorable!! What a great way to personalize them for each child...LOVE your blog, thanks for sharing:)

  3. You got me reading the "history of mod podge" with your link....decoupaging a VW Beetle with a bed sheet...I hadn't thought of that before...

  4. These are SUPER CUTE! Tell Jamey's sister way to go!

  5. They are adorable...and very special to have! How wonderful that your kids were gifted them by a very talented Auntie! Fun that you share the instructions...they would make a really great baby gift (or Christmas or birthday) gift. :)


  6. Very, very original!!! Jamey's sis should get a patent on those:)

  7. I love this post, Great job!!!! I found you from Clover Lane. I am your newest follower!

  8. very cute! much easier project for kids with short names than really long ones, though : )


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