Thursday, March 11, 2010

Name That Field Trip

Jamey has off for spring break, so we decided to take a field trip this week.  If I've told you where we were going, please restrain yourself from guessing.  You won't win anything this time (wink, wink- I am working on another give away).  Here are some clues as to where we went...

Stay tuned and tomorrow I'll tell you all about it.  Maybe even more than you want to know. Pin It


  1. Looks like a LOT of fun! Except the giant bug...oh dear...I am so not a giant bug girl. I love the giraffe photo with Sadie...SO cute.

  2. YIKES!! That critter is just a little too big for my hand, but the rock on the other hand...Hope you had a great get-away!

  3. I think I read a post on FB about where you went, so I won't guess . . . but I just have to say that that is one BIG bug on your child's hand!!! Cool, but kind of creepy. :-)

  4. Well since that's in my neck of the woods....I'd know THAT Mall any day!

  5. OOooooo, I know where you went:)I've been there too! Don't worry, I'm good at keeping secrets...


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