Friday, March 12, 2010

A Day in Washington D.C.

Way to go, Mavis.  You guessed it.  Tuesday was a beautiful day.  It was close to 60 degrees and sunny.  A perfect day for walking around our nation's capital.  The high spots of the day were...

~ Getting to the metro stop's full parking lot just in time to see one lone car leaving (an answer to a very specific prayer I breathed about 15 minutes before hand).

~  Sam announcing from his seat on the metro on the way into D.C., "This is the best day EVER!"

~  Walking through the live butterfly exhibit with Sam and Sadie as they tiptoed down the path, heeding the guide's instructions to walk carefully so they wouldn't accidentally step on a butterfly or moth.

~  Lounging with Miriam in the sun on the lawn of the Washington Monument while Sam, Sadie and Jamey rode the elevator to the top.

Look towards the bottom of the shadow-just to the right of it.  That's our stroller, Miriam and I.

~  Watching Sam's contagious excitement as we entered the dinosaur exhibit.

~  Watching Sadie's contagious excitement as she sees a grown-up lady walk past with PINK shoes on.  Maybe life as a grown-up won't be so bad.

~  Watching a live honeybee colony and a leaf-cutter ant colony hard at work.  Talk about science coming to life.

~  Sadie's proud little face as she held a very large, albeit beautiful, grasshopper, while several grown-ups who refused to touch the creature looked on.

~  When Sam declared the day was better than his birthday.  Three cheers for the gift of experiences!

~  Surviving the metro ride back to our van.  We were packed in that car like sardines.  Literally.  My head either had to be resting on Jamey's back (not a bad place to be) or in the crossword puzzle book of the man next to me.  Sam and Sadie were clinging to our legs.  Before long, Miriam decided she had had enough of all the strange faces looking down on her in her stroller.  God bless the man who gave his seat up for me so I could hold her.  Once I had her, she wooed the entire train with her smiles and baby talk.  Talk about turning a bunch of stone-faced metro riders into living, breathing, smiling people.  If I do say so myself, our family was a dose of good medicine for those folks after a long day at the office.

~  The peace that ensued as all three kids slept on the way home.

It was a great day.  We thought we'd cover more ground, but we spent much of the day at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and Washington Monument.  We're already talking about our next trip into D. C.  The National Gallery of Art is at the top of our list.  Any other suggestions? Pin It


  1. The National Zoo, for sure. I'm headed down there myself in a few weeks with my boys - now I'm really excited!

  2. I love the picture from the top of the monument.

  3. You are VERY BRAVE... I would not ride the metro... it's too scary for me...

    What about the US MINT.. or Treasury? You know... the place where they print money... when we went on the tour it was pretty cool...

    Also... the American Museum of Folk Art... lot's unique handmade stuff :)

    Ahhh... I LOVE museums!

  4. Mavis, The metro is not so scary- it's quite an adventure, actually:-).

  5. We really must plan a trip like that!
    And by the way, your family is always like a good dose of medicine!

  6. Oh so exciting! We haven't been as a family, & I can't remember everything from my 6th grade field trip... (yes I said 6th grade... what were my parents thinking?...we lived in Ohio then?) CAn't wait to make some memories like this... It's all so interesting.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful picts!

  7. Fun times! You fit a lot into that trip! My parents were born and raised in DC and it was big part of growing up to drive in for a day. My six-year-old got a day in DC ALONE with me for his birthday, and riding the Metro from Vienna was a big part of it. The Botanical Gardens by the Capitol are lovely, and the American Indian Museum, Adams Morgan for the tiny lovely ethnic restaurants, and the National Cathedral, and the Franciscan Monastery... ah, so many fun things. Ice skating at the by the Sculpture Garden in the winter, the carousel the rest of the year, and eating bad food from street vendors are all important things to do. :) Kids also love the Hirshhorn garden but it's strangely full of mosquitoes. Ooh, don't forget Eastern Market...


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