Monday, March 15, 2010

Stepping Out in Faith & A Give Away

When this blog was in it's infant stages, Michelle became a faithful reader and commenter.  I got to know her through her blog, Give A Girl A Fig.  This friendship was my first in the blog-world.  I had no idea when I started writing here that I would form lasting friendships with people I would likely never set eyes on or hear speak.  Oh, what an adventure this has been.

Michelle takes beautiful photographs.  Of kitchen tools, her hens, nature, food, and so much more.  She draws out the beauty in objects in a way that I find peaceful and thoughtful.  I was very excited to hear that she was going to start selling some of her photographs in note card form in her Etsy store.  Then, she shared about her upcoming trip and that proceeds from her note cards would go toward that trip.

Well, that just did it.   I had to share her work and her story with you.

Michelle is taking a HUGE leap of faith.  She is stepping far outside her comfort zone because she has been called to step out.  You can read about her journey from disbelief to trust here and a recent update here.  This is a lesson for all of us.  Are we too comfortable?  We must remember that faith means stepping forth.  Stepping forth and trusting, believing in something we cannot see.  Believing, possibly, in something we cannot see in ourselves, but that our Father knows is there just waiting to be released.  It's stepping way out.  Are we listening to a tugging at our own heart strings?  Even if the tug scares the living daylights out of us?

As we listen to our little tugs and grow the courage to respond, let's support Michelle in prayer.


I am thrilled to say that I will be giving away two (2) sets of Michelle's note cards.  My hope is that they will bless you as they bless and support Michelle and her upcoming trip.

To enter, please visit Michelle's Etsy store, then come back and leave a comment, telling me which note card set you would like to win.  I will draw two names sometime on Friday.  Only one entry per household.  If you comment anonymously, please leave some initials so I can identify you.

Photographs courtesy of Give A Girl A Fig

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  1. I love the pink and brown ones. I am a big fan of Etsy!

  2. I love them all, but I would probably pick the pink and brown......or the bounty........or maybe the colorful. No, I think I'll go with my first choice. Pink and brown. :)

  3. Ooo! Probably Bounty, or maybe pink and brown! They are so pretty.

  4. Really neat cards. I think I'll have to go with "Bounty". But I also like "Pink and Brown"
    Will you advertise for me when I open my Etsy shop?

    Aunt V.

  5. The colorful set, I think. They're ALL pretty though.

  6. I am a new follower to your lovely blog and have enjoyed browsing it so much.
    I love your story and your simply organic life.
    I am going to grow a few vegetables this year((for the first time)) and your blog will be a "go to" for me during my new adventure!
    I peeked at Michelle's ETSY shoppe and yes I too love the pink & brown but they are all so strikingly lovely.

  7. Hey there! Nice story. And nice cards! I like the rich colors the best. Or possibly the bounty. But they are all pretty!

  8. We like the Calla Lilly the best but they are all beautiful. Thanks.

    B and K M

  9. Ooooh! Love Michelle's work & blog.
    I think the 'Rich color's' & 'Bounty' are my favorites.
    She was the first chicken keeper I stumbled onto who really just decided one day, it was time. I love her blog, and am so thankful for cyber friends who share so much.
    Can't wait to see who get's to enjoy these beautiful cards! Thanks THHP- blessings- Laura

  10. Oh, they are all so beautiful but I think my favorite would be the Bounty..

  11. since I HAVE to choose a favorite, I'll go with "colorful" but "bounty" is a super close 2nd.

  12. I love the pink and brown set! They are all beautiful.

  13. i really like the bounty cards!

  14. #1 I wanted to leave a comment... but please take me out of the "drawing"" for the note cards.

    I don't buy cards... but I did purchase a set of Mrs. Fig's cards on ETSY this morning...

    Only because I think we all need to find what nourishes our soul...

    And when we do find it... and put our plan into action... it's really all one could ever ask for.

    Imagine what this world would be like if we all took leaps of faith more often.

    Blessings Michele :)

  15. Cool, another giveaway :)
    These are all really pretty, but I love COLORFUL (especially the bikes)

  16. Very pretty! Such a good idea. I hope she does very well and has a wonderful trip.

    I'm digging the RICH COLORS.


  17. I already went shopping over there and bought the persimmon set with the clay pot. I just LOVE these cards!! Either set of the other would be a treat!

  18. The Colorful Set of Four notecards is calling my name with those bright, beautiful bikes. ;)

    Thanks for the giveaway--and the post. Sometimes leaps of faith are the answer to happiness!

  19. I like the colorful set! So pretty.

  20. ooo. I like colorful and rich colors. My friend told me about this give-a-way. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  21. the colorful are my favorite and what a super fundraiser and giveaway! thanks. carmen

  22. What beautiful photographs! Her cards are wonderful. Thanks for hosting a givaway!

  23. i love those cards, i would definitely choose the calla lilly cards, so beautiful.



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