Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crafty Sisters: Knot Your Ordinary Blankets

My sister is a crafty girl. I should not have been surprised when my kids opened their Christmas gifts from her, her husband and daughter.  These blankets are beautiful and so very, very soft.  These blankets follow the kids everywhere in the house it seems.  When the kids are downstairs, the blankets are downstairs.  When the kids are upstairs, the blankets are upstairs.  They've all but forgotten the quilts their mother made for them, but these blankets are always atop them at bedtime.  I should also mention that they've become an integral part in fort-building, too.  

So, I just had to share pictures with you.  When my sister told me how simple they are to make I asked her a favor and she kindly agreed to include instructions- just in case you're feeling crafty, too.

Sadie, Sam and Miriam's blankets

Two pieces of fleece, each in a different color/pattern measuring 2.25 yards each.
Fabric Scissors


1. Lay the two pieces of fleece on top of each other, nice sides facing out. Most fleece is nice on both sides, but pick the best. Trim the edges if needed to make them exactly the same size.

2. Cut a 5" by 5" piece out of each corner of the blanket.

3. Cut 5-inch strips all the way around the blanket

4. Once all four corners are cut, and your strips are cut all the way around the blanket, knot each set of strips (top & bottom layer). When you get to the corners, the top layer of “1” should be knotted with the bottom layer of “2,” and the top layer of “2” should be knotted with the bottom layer of “1.”

The strips should be knotted by holding them both in your hand at the same time, wrapping them around each other. They should not be knotted like tying a knot in a shoelace, where you would hold one lace in each hand.

Thanks, sister dear.

Stay tuned.  I'm starting a little mini-series here.  I have more than one crafty sister.

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  1. Cute!The girls and I have made these too, very easy! Our whole family loves them:)

  2. These are so cute! I love her fabric choices... My sister in law made one for my husband in Cleveland Browns fabric...and if HE could HE would drag it around the house, too!! It is so cozy!

  3. I'd like to do this for my nieces and nephews (6 total) for Christmas this year. I guess I'd bette get started!

  4. My sister-in-law made one for my oldest, I've been thinking I'd make one for Henry. I love these, they are so warm & Jack loves his. Thanks for posting this, I really liked her fabric choices.

  5. My girls made some similar to these in a young homemakers class at church this past summer. They loved it! They were encouraged to give them away to someone. This is a good idea for kids wanting to do something for the needy. We send blankets like these and others to Mexico (believe it or not, parts of it do get cold in the winter, especially at night in the desert areas).

  6. Yumm a licious! Or rather Cozy a licious :)

  7. I love these, too. My neighbor made one for my son when he was born and it's still a family favorite!

  8. Thank you for the spot light and lovely words, sister!
    love, your littlest {crafty} sister xoxo

  9. Cute and so simple! Love the tutorial idea! :) Thanks for sharing...



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