Monday, November 16, 2015

Now's the Time! Amaryllis Blooms for Christmas

Last year, for the first time, I bought myself an amaryllis bulb in mid-November.  It came with a pot, soil and directions.  A little watering was all it needed and it bloomed just in time for Christmas and it was gorgeous.

After it finished blooming, I cut it back, set it on our hutch and kind of forgot about it- even forgetting to water it for long periods of time.  Just recently, I thought I should read-up on what I should do to force it to bloom again.  I was WAY too late to start this process.  So I decided I needed to start again and aim to follow the directions for after it I can use the bulb again.  I planted the old bulb outside for lack of knowing what else to do.  We'll see what happens.

The other day, Jamey was making a trip to Lowe's and I asked him if he wouldn't mind picking up another amaryllis bulb (we had gotten last year's bulb at Lowe's for around $9).  He came home with this:

A waxed amaryllis bulb ($12.99)!  I had never seen one like it.  The bulb requires no soil and no water- the wax seals in everything it needs to bloom.  And, according to the directions, it should bloom in time for Christmas again.

So, my friends, if you want to try for a blooming amaryllis this Christmas (with wax or with dirt), now is the time to go find one.  Or buy a few and give them as gifts.
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  1. My dad always grew an amaryllis for himself and one for me every Christmas. He passed away seven years ago, and sadly I haven't had one since. Your post has encouraged me to get one again. I will forever think of dad & Christmas whenever I see an amaryllis, thanks for reminding me of many good memories. I was also amazed to see the wax one, never heard of that! Merry Christmas--Becky

    1. Thank you for sharing this. I hope if you're able to get one it will being you warm memories. Blessings to you, Becky.

  2. I am writing you to once again thank you for this article about the amaryllis. Because of your story, I got one for myself, because it reminded me of my dad. Once I got it, I liked it so much, I had my husband get one for my Mom, too. She and I had so much fun with it. Mom has called me every day for decades, but having the amaryllis gave us a fun thing to do together. Ours grew so fast, that it almost seemed to change daily. We would report to each other every day how tall it had gotten, the number of flowers, etc. It even bloomed once again after Christmas for each of us.

    I have a chronic illness that has limited my mobility more as the years have passed, making it impossible for the two of us to go out together anymore. Having our mutual flowers, and charting their progress together, gave us an opportunity to feel like old times again--we were doing a common thing with each other again. Little did we know that it would be our last Christmas together.

    If you hadn't written about this, I never would have known it existed. But you did, and you gave my Mom and I some extra joyful memories. Thank you. You never know what effect your actions can have on others. In this case, it was significant for our family.

    A couple of weeks ago, my mom passed away suddenly, and unexpectedly in our home. She had terrible nausea and my husband took her to the emergency room. Once there she was given medication, and the doctor said she just needed to rest, and discharged her even though she wanted to stay. My husband brought her to our house to watch over here, where she did indeed go to sleep. He checked her a couple of times during the night, and in the morning before he left for work. He returned a few hours later, and found she was not asleep as he had thought, but she had left us.

    Our tiny family (it only consists of my husband, two adult children, myself, and of course, Mom), is in shock, we were all extremely close. Everyone of us is heartbroken, this has been very hard on us all.

    As Christians, we have the hope of seeing each other again, but there is much sadness and grief to work through in the meantime. We would all appreciate your prayers, we really need them.

    I wrote a post about my Mom on my blog. If you would like the link to know more about her, I will give it to you. But I especially wanted to thank you for what you did for us.

    Becky Isaac

    1. Oh, Becky. Thank you for sharing this. I am so very sorry for your loss. May you feel God's peace and comfort during this time especially. I would love the link- please feel free to share it here. Blessings, Jane

  3. Thanks so much Jane. Here is the link:


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