Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Artificial Growth Spurt

Sam turned eight last month.  I can hardly believe it.  Eight is such a boy age.  I'm dealing with it fine...since I just try not to think about it.

For his birthday we gave him season one of Little House on the Prairie on DVD.  He's read all the books at least four times through and loves them.  Since there isn't a whole lot left on PBS that excites him and since we're not crossing over to "real" TV, I decided we need to bulk up our DVD library with quality options.  The whole family is loving watching the Little House shows.  Us parents love the lessons taught and the kids have even started saying, "Yes, ma'am" and "Yes, sir."  No complaints here.

The other gift we gave Sam was his own tool bag complete with screwdrivers, tape measure, glue, pliers, etc (some used, some new).  Jamey also stuck in there some plans he had printed off the internet for a couple different projects they can work on together.

They got busy quick and within a day or so, Sam had stilts.

It took him about a week and a half to master them so that now, he walks all around our downstairs circle with them, navigating all the steps between thresholds with ease.  He can even hop and walk backwards.  Because most of our downstairs is hard wood floor or linoleum, Jamey added these rubber chair grippers so Sam wouldn't slip.  They also make his stilt-ing quieter.

Sam asked me if he could join the circus.  He was serious.

See what I mean?  I just can't allow myself to think about him growing up. Pin It


  1. The tools and project plans are GREAT birthday present ideas!

    We made tin can stilts when I was little. Clopped all over the place in those things...

  2. I love it! We gave the boys their own tools and tool boxes right around that age, too...why didn't we think to add plans!? That is a GREAT idea!

  3. We have netflix and have been watching all of the Little House shows with our grandson too...glad that you are also viewing them, they are wonderful shows.

  4. These are wonderful ideas for boy birthdays!

  5. What a fun gift! I gave my nephew duct tape and string one year. I was then the coolest aunt ever.

  6. what's the game leaning up against the wall?.....looks interesting.....

  7. Anonymous,
    It's a marble game called Chase the Rat. It's very similar to Parcheesi. Jamey copied our board off the one his parent's have. It's a great game for kids and adults, although not that great for toddlers. The marbles are kept stored away:-).

  8. My oldest turns 8 this year too. It's so odd and thrilling at the same time to watch them go from little boy to big boy.

    Those stilts are awesome. My son Wyatt would be super excited to make something like that. Where did your husband find the plans?

  9. Karen,
    Jamey can't remember where he found them online. He did significantly simplify the plans he found, though. Do an image search and you'll find some very similar ones.

    Also, I received my Seeds of Worship CD today and we love it! Thank you so much!!

  10. Yay for gifts that give kids exercise. I am so ready for spring so that the exercising can go outside, but stilting doesn't seem like a bad option for an indoor activity. Are your other kids interested in jumping on, I wonder?

    P.S. I could help but notice the TWO towels hanging on the oven handle and I remembered that post about kitchen towels and I giggled.

  11. Lizzy P,
    Sadie (just turned 5) wishes she could stilt by herself, but she still needs some help. It takes some coordination. Miriam seems to ignore the stilts, come to think of it.

    Ah, yes. Two towels. Until the day I die:-).

  12. hey! i have a little something for you over at my place - dont know if you do this kind of thing but wanted to recognize you.

    also now that the tide has kind of turned...i'm getting a lot of people asking me about "how to" so i'll be sending a lot of folks your way to learn about canning.

  13. I just love this! What a fun thing to do - a tool box and making stilts. :) Oh, the memories this will make for children are grown and one of my favorite things is when they all gather back at home and talk about when they were kids. I go to bed and through the walls hear their laughter. That's one of God's greatest gifts to a mother I think. blessings, marlene


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