Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's Not Getting Done

I feel a little like I have too many things going on.  Do you ever feel like that?  Well, of course you do.

My head is full of all sorts of different tasks that need attention- things I want to do, ideas of things I want to do, new things I'm still getting a handle on (couponing, for one), commitments I made that deserve my attention, projects I've started, recipes to experiment with, regular chores, potty-training my 20-month old (she's more ready than I am, oddly enough), school, my daily quiet time and a big handful of other things that I could ramble on about.

In the midst of all this, there are things that are getting pushed aside.  I'm not lamenting too much that they're on the back-burner, but somehow, even though they're back there, they are still taking up brain space.  How is that possible?  I thought the back-burner took care of that.  But, no, they are still taking up space in my head.  And I need all the space I can get.

So, I thought that maybe the secret to getting rid of these things might be to say them.  Or, write them anyway.  So, here they are.  The things that aren't getting done and I need out of my head for now to make room for everything else.

Miriam's quilt.  I made one for Sam and Sadie when they were little.  Miriam's top is pieced, but that's it.  I know I won't work on it this summer and I will be busy again in the fall and I'm trying to be okay with that.

Miriam's Christmas stocking.  Yes, the poor girl had no Christmas stocking this past December.  I know I won't work on it this summer and I will be busy again in the fall and I'm trying to be okay with that, too.

Recipes using stevia.  I know some of you haven't forgotten because I think you were hoping I'd figure out all the kinks for you.  I wish I would figure all the kinks out for me, too.  And yet, my jar of stevia sits patiently on a pantry shelf.  To be honest, I'm a bit afraid- afraid I'll waste the stevia and other ingredients on flops.  Giving up sweets again during Lent might catapult me into action, though, so stay tuned.  Unless you're tired of staying tuned and decide to leave forever.  I would understand, but I'd miss you.

Garden planning.  This is driving me a bit crazy.  In two to three weeks, we should be able to start planning.  I'll explain all this business a bit later.  For now, I'm trying to just set it aside.

Books.  I started five books and none of them are finished.  What was I thinking starting so many at once?  It must have been over Christmas break when we were taking a break from school and Jamey was home.  I must have had time to start them.  When did I think I'd finish them?

Okay.  I feel a bit better. 

Fly away, thoughts, fly away.  I'll deal with you later. Pin It


  1. How aptly put! This has been exactly my problem lately. Too, too many things on the "back burner" that are bugging the daylights out of me. Maybe I need to list mine to see if that helps at all. Isn't it funny that you can be "doing" all day long but whatever you do manage to get accomplished, it's still those things on the back burner that grow heavier and heavier every day.

  2. Writing things down always helps me, too...get it OUT of the head!! And...remembering this...one day at a time...one moment at a time...slow and steady wins the race...xo

  3. I have a bunch of those going on in my head too!

  4. This sounds just like my thoughts...and to top it off I'm forgetting things lately. Important things! What ails me?!

  5. oh yes, this is familiar. I have a few metaphors for this. One is that each sector of my life is a ball and I'm juggling. . . .sort of. I can get the children ball up in the air, but then I drop the chores ball. . .or the Sunday school teaching ball is up. . . and the helpful, nice wife ball is down. . .

    The other metaphor is simply whiplash. That I go back and forth between a million tasks and thoughts every day (children don't allow for long periods of focus!) and I just feel whiplashed.

    I can't tell if this is just stage of life or if God is gently trying to clue me in that I'm not living joyfully and gracefully. I'll figure out stevia for you if you figure this one out! (I don't even have stevia).

  6. Wow - this post makes me want to list everything I'm not getting done, too - just to put it in perspective and prioritize it all.... or maybe not... :)



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