Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ark Encounter

So, yesterday I forgot to thaw and cook the ham.

The same ham that I was going to use in a soup I was going to make that I was then going to talk about in the next Worth It or Not post.  We ate pesto pasta instead.  So, tonight I will make the soup with the ham and the post will arrive a day late, tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have been wanting to spread the word about this....  We cannot wait.

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  1. David,

    It is a lot of money.

    They used a firm to estimate how many visitors would come to their creation museum and those folks were off by 400 (or something minuscule like that). This same firm is estimating 1,000,000 visitors to Ark Encounter the first year. If the cost is $24.50 a ticket, they'll break even.

    One of the comments the firm made was that it's people of all backgrounds and of many different faiths that are interested in coming. Pretty cool, I think:-).

  2. I would love to take our family to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter one day. I heard Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis speak many, many years ago in England. My oldest daughter is in second grade and just starting to learn about dinosaurs, the age of the earth (obviously not taught from a biblical perspective, she is in public school) and so we are talking to her about the bibles truth on this matter. Would be so lovely to see an exhibit presented with bible truths. Thanks for the heads-up on this.

  3. Just visited the site for the Ark Encounter, how exciting! Kentucky is a long way from here.....One day we will go for sure. I was just talking about a theCreation Museum with a friend the other day, but I had not heard about their new project. Will let her know to check it out!


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