Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crafty Sisters: A Place for Treasures in Rooms of Life and Love

We decided early on that we weren't going to do themed rooms for our kids.  I did put art on the walls- mostly Norman Rockwell (we have a gorgeous series of prints showing children in all four seasons).  In addition to the art, there are several prints given to our kids as gifts and shelves filled with books and a few toys.


Their beds are covered with handmade quilts and these blankets.  On their shelves, we have displayed their names and now, on the walls are these beautiful bulletin boards that my other {crafty} sister made for Sam and Sadie's birthdays.

This is exactly how I pictured their rooms long ago before there were three, before there were two, before the first one was born.  Rooms decorated by life and love.

Photographs, cards and notes can be placed behind the ribbons with no need for tacks.  No tacks are a good thing when your kids have a baby sister on the verge of crawling.  I can't wait to see how Sam and Sadie will fill them.  Thank you, Auntie!

In the spirit of spreading craftiness love, my sister agreed to provide instructions as to how these gorgeous bulletin boards came together.

Fabric-Covered Bulletin Board

16X20" Stretched canvas (I got mine at a craft store, they came in a pack of 2)
20X24" piece of fabric
20X24" piece of batting (approx. 1/2" thick)
2 pieces at 30" length
4 pieces at 18" length
Staple gun
Decorative buttons/accents
Hot glue gun
Picture-hanging kit

1. Iron fabric.
2. Lay fabric (nice side facing down), batting, and canvas (front facing down) in that order on table or floor.
3. Starting at long side of canvas, pull fabric and batting tightly over canvas edge, and staple. Start in the center, then staple on either side of center.
4. Pulling tightly staple the other long side.
5. Repeat for short sides, pulling tightly before each staple, checking nice side for smoothness.
6. Staple corners: fold neatly (you may have to trim fabric/batting a little) and staple
7. Trim any excess fabric and batting.
8. Apply ribbons: Starting at a corner, stretch one long ribbon diagonally and staple at each corner, pulling tight. Repeat with other long ribbon, making a large "X" on the canvas.
9. Using a short ribbon, start at the center of a short side and stretch diagonally to the center of the long side, being sure the ribbon is parallel with the center diagonal ribbon. Pull tight and staple both ends. Repeat with other short ribbons. (You may wish to "weave" ribbons as you apply them)
10. Apply decorative buttons at ribbon intersections if desired using a hot glue gun.
11. Attach picture-hanging hardware per instructions.

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  1. Talented group of girls...you and your sisters! Love the bulletin boards...so cute. We didn't do themed rooms either...the "decor" just sort of evolved. And now that they're bigger...their rooms are a mess! We've got baby decor mixed with bog boy decor...it's crazy. And needs to be dealt with. Soon!

  2. You have some very creative peeps... ummm I mean sisters :)


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