Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dyed Easter Eggs (Natural and Unnatural)

Easter is just around the corner and if you need some new twists to the standard dyed Easter eggs, I have two to offer.

Our favorite is (surprisingly) the unnatural way- My Grandma's Pickled Easter Eggs (page 73). They're tart, vibrant and remind me of every Easter I can remember.  Once a year, we pull out the store bought dyes for these eggs.

Our second favorite choice is the natural way- Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs. Beets, purple cabbage, turmeric and coffee give beautiful (natural) hues. 

What's your favorite way to dye eggs?
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  1. Three hours! I'm glad to know that it takes so long.

  2. 1) Do they stain your nice white tablecloth if dropped and 2) Isn't that a lot of artificial dyes soaking into your food?

    We eat pickled eggs all year round. Every time we finish a jar of pickled beets we fill with HB eggs. I have another recipe I make sometimes for a change that uses malt vinegar...they turn out tannish, like a brown egg.

  3. 1) I'm not sure anyone has dropped one on the white tablecloth yet (tablecloth is new in the past couple years) but I imagine soaking it or stain-sticking it or bleaching it would get it out. 2) Yes, it is. This is why it is a special occasion food (and the only time I use food dyes). :-)

    1. Dyes really bother me, in worrying that they are so artificial and I think back to how much dye we probably ate as a child because no one thought otherwise. No one worried about it yet, like no one worried about x-rays...until all the cumulative effects started showing up after the fact.

      They are the most beautiful display of eggs though I have ever seen, I will admit, especially in the cut glass bowl and all the jewel tones!

  4. OK, those bright beautiful eggs are almost enough to send me running out for a dye packet or twelve. Almost. :-)

  5. They are so beautiful! Perhaps I will try it with my family.


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