Monday, April 7, 2014

The Week I'd Been Waiting For

Last week was glorious.

Temperatures climbed, daffodils bloomed and a group of robins held church in our lawn.  I had more free pockets of time than usual so I started in on many of the spring things that had been forming themselves into an ever-growing list in my mind.  With windows open to air out the house, the sun on my face and warm breezes in my hair, I leaped out into spring.

Laundry was hung on line (and was nearly blown away).

Snow pants, hats, gloves, and boots were cleaned up and packed away.

Flower beds were cleared of debris- making room for green shoots everywhere.

Our annual purchase of chicks was made- to entertain children and replace aging-out layers.

Our movable rabbit hutch is proving to be a perfect home for these peeps until they graduate to the chicken tractor. 

We went into the hives (two out of three colonies are alive) and I was stung for the very first time by one of our own (more on the bees later).

Flowering bushes, fruit trees, and blueberries were pruned and mulched (raspberries are still on the list).

A large bed was tilled, raked and planted for a swath of wildflowers which will hopefully bloom in view from my kitchen, provide food for our bees and flowers for our table.

Indoor bins of squash, potatoes and sweet potatoes were picked through and the soft ones thrown to the chickens.

The chickens were banished from the garden with wings clipped and stern warnings.

Sometimes you just have to paint it on.

Sunflower seeds came in the mail as did the first order of school books for next year (spring puts me on my tippy-toes).

The playhouse and tree house are lonely no more.

Herbs were started in pots and peas were planted in the ground.

A beloved tree died last year and was finally brought down- a lot of work but also more firewood to squirrel away. Children picked up many a stick, log and branch.

And last but not least- almost every single muscle in my body went on strike.  Their form of negotiation was pain, soreness (yes, they are different) and only allowing me to move slowly and with much wincing and whining. 

Yes, my friends, spring has arrived. Hallelujah!

"Please let me back in the garden.  I won't eat anything you don't want me to.  I promise."
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  1. I kept thinking, how does she do all of that, until I came to your last statement about your body going on strike! Hopefully you could rest over the weekend. :-) Looks like you have been productive! The warmer weather has been a welcome feeling to my cold body.

  2. The "shut it" sign is better than perfect. I want to go build a fence around the garden just so I can paint those words on the gate.

  3. This post cinches it. You're about two months ahead of us in weather good enough to be outside. Sigh. Oh, well. Our turn will come. Please. Sooner rather than later if anyone can make it happen. Please. Sigh.

  4. Wonderful! Welcome Spring!! I enjoyed visiting with you here today my friend. Thank you for sharing snippets of life with us here. Hugs, Camille

  5. I'm so happy Spring is finally here!!! The flower are blooming, the bee's are buzzing, and the vegetable gardens are
    starting to have some progress.

  6. I can't wait for the bee update!

  7. Love the cat sleeping in the treehouse! Jan


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