Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Went Away

We did something wild and crazy (for us).  Only one month out we made plans to join my parents on a trip somewhere warm.

The fact that the trip wasn't planned a year or more in advance (much more our slow and cautious speed) made it all the sweeter and quite exciting.  If you tend to be a fuddy-duddy like I am, I recommend giving spontaneity a try. Just once. It's really not as terrifying as you might think.

It became a trip to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary that was six years ago.  And we brought the kids along because trips without kids are SO six years ago.  Right?  Isn't that what people are saying now?

It was a chance to soak in some sun, spend quality time with my parents (for both us and our kids) and just be with our children.

Care to guess where we went? Hint: we drove. Another hint: we're known to drive far.

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  1. I was sure you went to Sanibel (FL) until the last picture .. . . :)

  2. The western part of the Florida peninsula?

  3. I'm guessing SC... it's SO beautiful! (I've been to the Charleston, and the whole Golden Isles/Savannah, GA area. Just lush and warm and beautiful (can you tell we're getting *a little* stir crazy up here in the Mitten? i hope your time together is Blessed!!

  4. Judging by the size of those conch shells you have and the time of year it still is for places to be chilly, I'd say it has to be Florida, and quite possibly at or below the Orlando latitude.

  5. The gulf side of Florida near Sarasota?

    1. Ding, ding, ding, ding! Years ago (when I was a child) my grandparents owned a home there and ever since it's been a favorite place of mine and our family's (although we don't go very often). The beach pictures are of Crescent Beach (just south of Siesta).


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