Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hallway Floor & Redo: Part 2

Well, I (personally) have not done much since the first stage (see here for Part 1).  We did have a friend paint over the pale peach-pink walls and light blue trim. What a difference a little paint can make!

As you can tell, the floor is the same.  If we want to do something about it, our choices seem to be 1) sand the outer/darker sand away (which may contain lead), 2) use heavy-duty chemicals to strip the dickens out of it, or 3) add a protective coating of stain or wax and just let it be.  I'm pretty partial to choice three right now.  It has character, does it not?

What would you do with it?

So, the next stage of this project is tackling the stairs, which as you can see below, are still blue.  Once I can open up the windows again, I intend to strip the treads only.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that there wasn't a rug runner on those steps at the time they pulled out that red-brown stain.  Regardless, my plan is to strip the treads and paint the risers the same color as the trim.

Since I don't like the idea of any of us slip-sliding down the stairs and don't want to put our cheap-but-very-functional-carpet-runner back on my freshly stripped and painted steps, I'm hoping to...dare I say it and jinx myself?...teach myself to make small, braided rugs for each tread.  Go ahead.  Laugh your head off.  I am!

My grandmother made braided rugs and my parents still have and use several of hers.  That project may be a long time coming, so the cheap-but-very-functional-carpet-runner might go back on on a temporary basis. 

I'll share more about this project once I start on the steps in a couple months!

Back to the hallway, though. What would you do with that floor? Would anyone else consider just a clear coat?

Find out what we did in Part 3.
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  1. The hallway looks great! I would clear coat the floor! It has so much character--love it!!

  2. If I couldn't strip the red color away I think I would try a dark stain on all of it to try and blend it closer to the same color. Or a another long runner rug down the center?

  3. Clear coat the floor and by a throw carpet runner!

  4. I love it! Thanks for sharing! Is it possibe to stain the lighter, middle area darker, to blend with the red edges? Any way you do it, i think it will look charming. A bit of history in the hallway.

  5. I love a good redo project and you've got yourself a doozy! Hmmm, if I had to pick I would either put a runner down,'re gonna hate this one (LOL)...paint a runner on over the lighter colored part, but one that has a pattern to it, so you'll still get the wood look through it, but it will won't look like you stripped it and left it. I only say this because I have had my stairs bare-without carpet for over a year now because I can't decide what to do. So, really, you shouldn't listen to anything i say because I haven't been able to finish my stairs either! I was going for frugal and carpet is not frugal.;) But painting a runner on is. So, that's why I was leaning towards that. They have so many beautiful options floating around the web, which made the decision yet harder.;) Can't wait to see what you come up with. Love the color of your hallway by the way!

  6. Hi
    Great job on your project. We have had similar projects at our own house (built 1900). I would somehow blend the lighter flooring to the darker flooring on the sides. I think it will look better and look more intentional not a mistake. Also, we have 16 stairs that lead to our upstairs (straight shot not landing) and we have
    never used a carpet runner. We have told our kids (curr. 11,9 and almost 7 BUT when we first moved here (newborn, 4 and 6) to make sure you hold on to the
    handrail and never goofing on the steps and go slow. Have a great day!

  7. I would put a dark stain, like mahogany on it. It would look great with the white trim, light colored walls. You are fortunate to have a window that allows light in. It will be beautiful I am sure. We have wood floors and I love them.

  8. I read the comments above and like the choices of paint a 'fake' rug (a lot of work) and find a stain to blend with the old color. What would make you happiest when you step out into the hallway and see the beautiful results of your labor (of love)? Whatever you decide we will all support your choice (lol). Missy

  9. Adding one more thought to the mix. We built a house with a wood floor, stained and protected it. Then we put some rugs on the floor in front of the door and the sink. Now, several years later, the flooring under the carpets is definitely lighter than where it has been exposed to light all the time. They may have painted around the throw rug, but I'm wondering if it's possible that they just kept a throw rug on there for years and years leaving the floor underneath the original color while the rest aged darker with the light.

  10. I, too, like the idea of staining all the wood to be the same color. Maybe you could consult with a carpenter who has experience with a variety of wood finishes for ideas. Brenda over at Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me wrote a post on caring for wood and her husband has a master's degree in Wood Science. Maybe they could offer you some guidance. Here's a link to her post on wood care:

  11. I would absolutely do option #3 for the hall floor. I love to see rug marks like that in old houses. As for the steps, I am going to repaint our treads, risers, and trim this spring. It's been on my to-do list for so long, but it's always hard to figure out how to paint steps that everyone uses!! We do not make them non-slip in any way, and they are fine. I love your idea of braided rugs, but I just wanted you to know we don't slip and slide on our painted steps :)

  12. My sister had a similar problem in a room. She taped off a 2 inch border strip over the area where the stained and unstained wood met. In the unstained area she random stenciled a flower pattern here and there. Then she clear poly-ed the whole shebang. It looked great.

  13. The paint looks beautiful! Makes me inspired...maybe before my oldest graduated this June, I will finally paint over the wall full of crayon scribbles that have been there since he was a little boy. But maybe not :) As far as the hall floor goes, they have many products now that cover well, so you could do that to make it all a uniform color. The opposite idea is to sand it down to the bare wood and stain it again the color you want. You wouldn't need chemicals, just a power sander and a dust mask, and definitely would want the windows open :) We live in a very old house too, lots of fixer jobs always! Fun! Best of luck, looking forward to seeing how things go.

  14. I love the idea of just putting a sealer over it. Character, oh yes! The braided tread pads... great job to start next winter!

  15. The walls and trim look great!!! I would seal the floor with a clear coat then purchase a runner like this one -->||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_- for the hallway. the 2.5' x 9' funner is $109 {you might be able to find something similar at Target or Crate and Barrel for less} and it will last a looooong time. We had one in our last house and it lasted the full 5 years we were there {and then I sold it at my garage sale for $40}. :)

  16. Please put back a runner, your braided rugs, or something when you re-do your stairs. I grew up in a 100+ year old home that had nothing but the wooden stairs, no carpet or runners. I can not tell you how often I fell down those steps. Some may like the look of stairs with just wood, my parents did, put they are so dangerous! No matter how careful you are, eventually you will fall down wooden stairs without out some kind of cover. Eventually, my father did put carpet on the stairs. That was such a happy day! Falling down the stairs was over!!

    1. My husband grew up in homes without any carpet. So when we bought our first house it was a HUGE deal to him that the house had carpet in it. I on the other hand, prefer homes with all wood floors. Childhood teaches us interesting things, don't you think?


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