Saturday, May 15, 2010

My New Job

I just got a new job.  I started two days ago and so far, it's been easy and, actually, kind of fun.  I get to stay home in my yoga pants.  I get to decide when I work, if you can really call it that.  For my efforts, I will be earning free gift cards to use on whatever we need.  That's pretty great considering we have no other means of income for the next year and by next year at this time, our savings may be as depleted as our pantry is right now.

So, what I am doing?  I'm swagging.  (Can I say that?  Does that even make sense?)  My dear friend, Mavis, who has been a reader of this blog of mine since almost the beginning and whose comments you probably see now and again, introduced me to swag bucks.

In it's simplest form, you sing up here by filling in your information.  Then, you download (don't be scared- it's nothing freaky and won't mess up your computer) the swag bucks toolbar.  It will show up near the top of your screen and in it is a new place to search the internet (an alternative to searching google, yahoo, etc.).  Each time you search, you have a chance to earn swag bucks (sometimes you earn 1, sometimes 11, sometimes many more).  You also earn 30 swag bucks just for signing up.  The swag bucks can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, etc.  There are lots of other ways to earn additional swag bucks, but only if you want to.  (Swagbuck tips and frequently asked questions.)

Here is what I am doing.  I am going to use their search box only when I need to search and I'm going to answer their new poll every day (this earns you 1 swag buck).  ONLY when I have extra time (eg: after the kids are in bed), will I browse the site further to discover all the other ways I can earn swag bucks (which includes shopping in their store when you need something, taking surveys, etc).

My goal?  To see if we can make it to next spring using swag bucks.  For gifts, night time diapers, etc.  Mavis' plan is to earn enough gift cards to pay for all her Christmas shopping this year.  That's some holiday cheer, no?

Another great thing about this new job of mine?  There's no interview.  Ready?

YOU'RE HIRED!!  Congratulations!  I'm so proud of you:-).

Now, go sign up for swag bucks and let's see if we can't all save ourselves a few dollars this year. Pin It


  1. So smart are you. :) (You know you have rock star status around our house.) I fed Eric at lunch last week for $8 which is good for this no-garden-yet folk. See your influence is a good one!
    btw, love the photo of 'the beads'. I wear mine every chance I get.
    Congratulations on your new 'job'! Way to go!

  2. Thanks for posting this! When I get a free chunk of time (in about 18 yrs.) I'm going to check this out. I like Mavis' idea of saving for Christmas gifts. It would be good for all the birthdays, too! I'll check out her blog, too.

  3. So what's the POINT of swagbucks from the Swagbuck Manager's point of view? Is it to glean information from consumers to help strengthen the world of advertising? I might sound paranoid, but really, I have no interest in pushing those campaigns forward (though I do every time I shop). There just has to be some sort of catch---no free lunches and all that jazz...

  4. JJ, Mavis should jump in here as well with her thoughts, but as far as I can tell, it is all about advertising. Getting ads in front of you on the search pages (just like regular google, yahoo searches, etc) and hoping that folks will fill out out additional offers for e-newsletters, etc. which will earn them swag bucks and the companies more face time if you read those newsletters, etc. I use a separate email account, so I can keep my personal emails separate. You can also earn points for completing surveys which give companies valuable info. for advertising. I think it's all about the ads.

    You can join swag bucks and only use their search engine to earn your points. I'm squarely with Mavis on this one. If someone is going to give me a means to earn free stuff (that I will need to buy anyway) for doing something I already do (search), I'm going to have to do it:-).

  5. Thyhand.... LOOK AT YOU! 222 POINTS!!!

    JJ... It's all about the advertising... they want you to search, take a survey, or sign up for a newsletter... I too have a separate email account for things like this... And like Thyhand said... if I can get paid (via gift cards) for things I'm already doing (like searching) Then heck ya I'd like to earn a little free green while doing it. Hello FREE STUFF... I love you.

  6. I've known about swag bucks for a while, but I too have been skeptical. But I may give this a try. Thanks for telling us more details.

  7. I'm also familiar with this. Lots of blogs do it. But I really like the recipes and homesteading posts more than this sort of thing and the giveaways. Just an opinion.

  8. Anonymous, Thanks for the feedback. Do not fear! This will not become a swag bucks blog. My first (online) love is this blog and the chance to write about our real life goings-ons. Occasionally, on Saturdays (when I usually don't post anything), I may post about how swag bucks is working for me. Those of you who aren't interested are more than welcome to skip that post. No hard feelings:-). Thanks again for letting me know what you enjoy around here:-).

  9. Thanks for the blog from Mavis. It was fascinating. I have been on the coupon site all day-I sure do appreciate her doing all the work for us-what fun mail will now be. I have told all my friends about that link. Keep those cost saving tips coming.....

  10. Thanks Liz... I must admit, checking the mail is one of the best parts of my day! I LOVE it! There is some sort of free goodie (or two or three) in there everyday!


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