Friday, May 14, 2010

A Food First, For Me

When given a choice of where I'd like to go out to eat, I always, always, always, choose an ethnic restaurant.  Thankfully, where we live, there are many choices, but that can make it difficult to choose.  Do I feel like Indian food?  What about Ethiopian?  Thai?  Vietnamese?  Mexican?  Greek?  Chinese?  Peruvian?  Or Japanese?  When I go out, I want to eat food I can't or wouldn't make myself.  And I thought that during the last 16 or so years of living here I'd tried just about everything.

Well, in addition to being introduced to thousands of drugs (and by "introduced", I do not mean he was trying them out), the thrill of competition that is Foosball and hip-young-college-student lingo during his past few years of pharmacy school, Jamey was also introduced to sushi.  He would come home raving about how he and some friends had gone out for lunch to a sushi place and tell me how delicious it was and how he knows I would love it.  I didn't know whether I should be excited for him or jealous because while he was eating out, I was home trying to feed three kids and get a bite in my own mouth every once in awhile.

Finally, an occasion arose.   My brother and his wife were babysitting all three kids so the two of us could go out rotation shopping.  Jamey needed shoes, ties, undershirts, dress shirts, pants, socks- the works.  We finished earlier than we thought we would and after spending that much student loan money, we thought, what's a little bit more?  (That is a terrible way to think about money and thankfully, we do not think this way very often.)  He surprised me by driving us to a sushi restaurant in town I didn't know existed.

Can I just say how much I love sushi?  I think I always loved it, even before I tried it.  I just knew I would like it.  Jamey knew, too.  And we were right.  These photos aren't the best, no offense to Jamey's new (and very first ever) cell phone (another rotation necessity).  This is what our shared platter looked like...


Below is the California Roll (Avacado, Crab, Masago).  Masago is the orange stuff which is capelin (a fish)  roe (eggs) ...

Eel Roll (Eel, Cucumber)...

Shrimp Tempura Roll (Avocado, Cucumber, Fried Shrimp)...


Texas Roll (Avocado, Crab, Shrimp, Masago, Cucumber, Amango Sauce)

I know I am one of the last people on earth to try sushi, or so it feels.  If you haven't tried it yet, please give it a go.  The wasabi paste you mix with soy sauce to dip your sushi in is potent stuff, but you don't have to dip at all if you don't want to.  The flavor of the sushi rolls I tried was very mild and very delicious.  It's a little pricey, so sushi will be reserved for very special occasions.  Do you know of anyone else who needs to go rotation shopping and needs some company?  I could go along.  You know.  If they are going out for sushi afterward.

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  1. Out of all the things I will miss in Baton Rouge, a restaurant called Tsunami is at the top. It has a rooftop patio where they will serve appetizers, such as 'The Green Monster' a divine sushi, with fruit atop-- while you look over the Mississippi River, & the Captitol City Architecture. I can just taste it now. I have stared at your intoxicating pictures way too long. I will be thinking about sushi all day. While I eat pbj & carrot sticks. lol. So glad you love it too.

  2. I could seriously LIVE on shrimp tempurah sushi:)The crunch = absolute perfection!

  3. I love sushi too and only tried it about six months ago!!!

  4. You are one wild and crazy girl... :)
    I'm afraid to try sushi... no NO you are not the last person on earth to try it!

    And by the way... I love "Our only income right now" for your swagbucks! Awesome!

  5. I LOVE sushi but am not brave enough to try the eel/octopus/scary creature things

  6. I have not tried sushi, either. At least not the kind with meat in it. I've had the rolls that are just seaweed, rice, and veggies. I don't think that really counts, though! :-)

  7. I LOVE sushi and only just got into eating it when I became pregnant and have sworn it off for the time being. That doesn't stop me from craving it though! I'm so jealous.

  8. I adore sushi! But the cost.... Eeek! We save it for special dates, but I guess you never want to eat sushi that is on sale right? You have to try and good spicy tuna roll. Fantastic. Also, soft shell crab is amazing. Fun!

  9. Mmmmm. I love California rolls, so those pictures are making my mouth water. But they're a once in a while treat for me too. Glad you enjoyed your first experience. (By the way - I've never tried the honest to goodness raw stuff.)

  10. Brava! I agree - sushi is amazing! That's just about the only thing I want to eat when my husband and I have a rare dinner out. I regularly get cravings for it. I did blog about how I make a rough homemade version,
    but I'm going to attempt the real deal sometime this year.

    Sushi is the way the rice is prepared - it doesn't refer to the raw fish, so yes, Michelle, you've had sushi!

  11. Never had raw fish sushi, but we have stuff to make our own w/ veggies and imitation crab. You mentioned Indian food, too. I want to learn how to make paneer (cheese). I've heard it's easy.

  12. Fun post! doesn't sound like you've been missing out on much! Well done for expanding your horizons...although, I would say that eel would not be high on my list of things I would like to try! :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. I LOVE sushi, but it took a little while to grow on me. After the first few times, I moved onto some raw fish, which is now my favorite. Tuna and salmon are DE-lish!

    Good for you - having a nice little date with Jamey!


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