Monday, May 17, 2010

A Pig Named Ham

Our farmette and the farmhouse two doors down used to be in the same family many years ago.  That family raised hogs.

Up until a couple months ago, our two farmettes possessed (between the two) three cats, a dog and a whole mess of chickens. But about two months ago, our neighbors decided to return to their farm's roots and buy a pig. Their intent from the start (hence naming the pig Ham) has been that this pig will fill their freezer in the fall.

I thought I would introduce you to Ham. Now, don't get all sentimental on me, okay? Unless you are a vegetarian (or don't eat pork), you must know that the bacon, sausage and ham you eat comes from, well, pigs.   And if you're careful about where you buy your pork, it may come from a happy pig, like Ham.

This is another example of raising an animal in a pleasant and dignified way- providing it with plenty of fresh air, sun, room to run (and buck! Did you know they buck?!), entertainment (Ham has a toy ball in his pen) and love (our neighbor scratches his back for him). Their kids see first hand where their food comes from and this instills a respect for food and the creatures that provide us with that food.  It's all about making connections.

Ham has already doubled in size and he should double again (at least) before harvest time. I think he's rather cute, don't you?

I'm still on a sheep kick.  If I could choose to keep another animal, it would have to be sheep. For their milk (which leads to cheese) and their wool.  I guess I could name the mama Feta, couldn't I?  If you could have any (non-traditional pet) type animal, what would it be? Pin It


  1. Hello Ham... it's nice to meet you :0 Does this mean Jamey is going to get some bacon?... Maybe you could trade them for some canned beets?

  2. oh wow, I don't know if if I could have a pig that I was going to eat as a pet. They're so cute. Chickens aren't as expressive. I would love to get chickens but my husband so far says no way, plus I'm not sure if they're legal in my area :-)

  3. I LOVE listening to pigs oink! Such a strange, deep sound. And their squeals. Such silly sounds. :)

    If our homeowner's association allowed it, I would have chickens in a heartbeat! I love watching chickens. Getting fresh eggs is just an added bonus.

  4. I've always been intrigued by Alpacas...but lately I think more about animals that can provide goats.

  5. My meat chickens are named: Lady Catherine and her daughter, Anne; Mr. George Wickham; Mr. and Mrs. Elton. The names are from Jane Austen's novels and they belong to the "villains"- therefore fit for eatin';)

  6. Ham is much current than our broilers. I love our laying hens and ducks. DH wants cows, i'd prefer something smaller like goats - maybe a sheep. It would have to be productive in some way.

  7. That should have been cuter, not current. The feature on this phone that tries to guess the word you're typing can be so silly.

  8. Perfect name.

    My parents had a pig; they named her Jennifer. I kid you not.

    Will you help with the butchering?

  9. We're working very slowly on getting the city zoning to change to allow chickens. We've also talked about raising tilapia on our roof :)

    But it cracks me up that your neighbor is shirtless in that photo.

  10. That is the cutest Ham I've ever seen!!!

  11. I would very much like.....a donkey. I know they don't give milk or anything, but I love their expressive eyes.....

  12. My in-laws own land in Idaho, and paid their friend who lives around there to raise two cows for meat a couple years ago. Their names were Yummy and Delicious. And they truly lived up to their names.


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