Friday, April 17, 2009

Mini April Photo Tour

Let me take you on a little mid- April tour. Put on your open-toed sandals. It's warm today.

All these haphazard green plants, growing and strengthening are our strawberries. There are no blossoms on them yet, but last year we started picking around the end of May, so those blossoms should be on their way.

Here we have some blossoms. This is our lone pear tree. We chopped down our old Keiffer pear trees last fall out of spite and because the pears were hard to reach and the trees rather ugly. In a couple years we hope to replace them with new trees (probably not Keiffer pears).

Here we have garlic and little rows of sweet lettuce- both of which I can't wait to sink my teeth into.

Emma and her three three-and-a-half-week-old chicks are still doing great in the chicken tractor. The chicks aren't looking so chick-y anymore.

They are pushing real chicken feathers and act just like their mama...chasing the occasional fly that enters the tractor and dusting themselves in the little hollows they've dug out.

Not much to say here...other than I love tulips.

Remember that Name That Sprout contest? Well, those sprouts have turned into plants and are awaiting a move outside.

Red raspberries pushing leaves. I can just imagine Sadie, red-fingered and red-mouthed.

Here come the troops, making sure that the camera in my hand isn't a little bag of bread crusts.

I really wanted to show you pictures of our asparagus poking their beautiful little heads up out of the ground. They are just starting to poke through, but since we mulched them a bit heavier this spring, their little heads are gourmet-white (scroll down, past "Asparagus and Urine", to the second paragraph under "Cultivation"). We've picked a few spears and are patiently waiting for more.

Once they start coming, they will be honored with a post all their own. Pin It


  1. It looks beautiful there! Is that your home in the distance? I love how the chickens are running to you in search of treats..they're so funny.

  2. Yes, Michelle, that's the back of our house (and some out buildings). And, no, it's not crooked- my camera was:-).

  3. You have made me stumble, dear sister. I'm coveting your beautiful little chickens! (Can't manage them in my yard.) I'm so glad I found your wonderful blog!

  4. Beautiful farm house...a dream come true. Even if it was crooked! lol.


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