Monday, April 20, 2009

The Fort

The new flow to our (sunny) day goes something like this...

Mornings include breakfast, the kids and I doing a few chores, Sam and I doing school while Sadie watches PBS, then lunch at noon. After lunch, I clean up dishes, lather sun screen on all of us and out of doors we go. I set up two chairs. One for my bum and the other for my feet (I've been experiencing more swelling this pregnancy). I sit and read while keeping an eye on Sam and Sadie.

They migrate between the swings, the sandbox, our neighbor's 8 x 10 foot slab of concrete/basketball court (this is where they ride their bikes- our driveway is stone) and their new fort (a.k.a. "our house" and "club house").

Our neighbor (with the concrete slab whose grandfather built our house 110 years ago) has told us that this "fort" was once a hog pen. Ever since we moved here, we knew that one day it would become a club house of sorts. It was just a matter of waiting and watching our kids to see how soon it's new purpose would evolve.

The magic time was a little over 4 years after moving here with Sam age 6 and Sadie age 3. A few weeks ago, to be more precise, Sam decided to make it their fort. He drug an old dirty oriental-looking rug from another outbuilding (left here by previous owners) into the fort which only had a dirt floor. He even swept the rug. Then, he found some boards and nails and a hammer in Jamey's shop and nailed the boards up to cover some holes in the walls. Next, they brought folding chairs into the fort. Then, Sadie picked flowers and set them on the ledges inside. That same day, Sam was asking if Jamey could build them cabinets in the fort to keep their snacks in. Um, no.

On Friday, we were outside again for the afternoon. The kids were pretty sandy from playing in the sandbox with water for over an hour. Then, they moved into the fort. Before long, I saw dirt being thrown out the windows. No one was screaming or even crying, so I let them be. Soon they emerged, looking very sheepish. They were covered in dirt. From head to toe. Very thoroughly covered. Intentionally, thoroughly covered. So I had to ask, "What were you doing?" Sam's response was, "We were pretending we were abandoned."

One would think this might have been the result of reading too many Box Car Children books, which Sam does have and read. But, most recently, he's read through the Little House series. I don't remember any abandoned kids in those books, but it has been awhile.

I wasn't upset. There would have been a time when I would have gotten upset, but those times are well past. Now, if they are happy and quiet and safe and not making too much more work for me, I'm just fine with it. And it's funny, a good friend just posted about her kids' new found activity.

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  1. Just visiting here again and clicked on a "you might like this" button and came upon this "old post"...very cute! I love the way you describe times for your little ones! They will remember the hours of fun had in "the fort".

    "Little House on the Prairie" was one of those books I read aloud to my two oldest a LONG time ago. They were about 5 and 3 at the time. I found them out in the yard very serious and working fighting...what was going on?? They each had a man-sized shovel and were digging a hole together. I asked what they were up to...the answer was..."We're digging a well just like Pa (in the book)". OH...said you think you'll get water? The answer in as deep and manly a voice a five year old can make..."We're hopin' to...might take a couple days". One of my favourite memories of my first two little men.

    BTW...they got that hole quite deep, thankfully they did not get water as we were on septic at the time and that would have been disasterous! They stayed out of trouble and happy for at least two days!! :)



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