Monday, August 11, 2008

The Year of the Weddings

I am the oldest of five. Maybe it was because I was the oldest or maybe because of my personality, but I have always worried about them- these four younger siblings of mine. Not because they gave me any reason to worry. I'm just a worrier about certain things. I do it with my kids, too. I think up all the awful things that could happen to them and then try to figure out my plan of action or escape. Just so I'm ready in case any of these crazy, irrational things actually happen.

For example (from childhood), what would I do if something happened to my parents and my aunt and uncle who were supposed to adopt us couldn't? Well, I would build a shelter in our woods and forage for food so we (my brothers and sisters and I) could all stay together. I had really thought of that. Or (present day), what if there were a flood when Jamey is at work? I would load the kids and a backpack of canned goods and our tent into our kayak and paddle over to the roof of the nearby feed tower where we would live until the flood waters receded, of course.

Another thing I worried about and couldn't quite imagine was who each of my siblings would marry. I did. I worried about this. WELL. As of yesterday, they are all officially paired up. Two are married and two are now engaged. You know what? I'm not worried anymore. I love all of them. Oh, and I love my siblings, too:-).

Congratulations Molly and Bryan!! Pin It

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  1. thanks g! we're very excited, and b & t are very excited to officially join our family!! :)


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