Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The County Fair

Yesterday, Jamey had off from work. So, right after breakfast, we headed to the county fair. Because we went in the morning, there were no crowds and no loud music coming from the rides and scaring my children (they may be the only children I know that run AWAY from the rides). Instead, we were able to see the farm animals being fed, milked, sheered and groomed before they went before the judges. We even watched some of the judging. The kids had fun at the petting zoo. Here they are trying to coax the miniature donkeys within their reach.

My favorite part was the chicken building. I guess they also had ducks, rabbits, and geese in there, but what I am fascinated by are chickens. Here are some photos. These are actually only a few. It's sad to see them looking as if they are serving twenty to life, but I'm sure that at home, they range freely eating bugs, grass and the occasional tomato (if they're lucky). Right?

This one below is not a chicken, it's a turkey. And they don't usually stand like that- it's the angle of my camera. I would love to have turkeys one day....

This is not a chicken either. It's a pheasant. Isn't he beautiful?

Ok, back to chickens and small game birds....

Don't their feathers look like gowns?

Makes you want to get some, doesn't it?

Well, you should.

It was a nice time. My Grandma said she hadn't been to a county fair in years and years. It was about time. Pin It

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