Thursday, August 14, 2008

Three in One Sauce

I am so tired. I am almost falling asleep at the computer. Really. I have such a love-hate relationship with this time of year. Right now I am hating it.

Chin up.

This three in one sauce is another Barbara Kingsolver recipe. You use one pot to make three different sauces- barbecue, sweet and sour and chutney. The main garden ingredients are tomato puree, diced apples, diced peaches and onions. It makes the house smell incredible.

Grandma chopping away.

The first set of ingredients in the pot
(you add ingredients after you pull out each sauce).

The steamy canner.

7 pints barbecue sauce and 7 pints plus 3 half-pints sweet and sour sauce.

6 pints and 10 half-pints chutney.

Can I go to bed now?
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  1. Thanks for the "review" of those recipes. I *loved* A,V,M and have been meaning to try some of the recipes. My tomatoes are finally starting to come in, so I might actually have enough all at once to can some.


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