Friday, August 15, 2008


The Lord and I had words this morning. The result? I have a much better attitude today. It's amazing how that works. So why don't I take advantage of it more often? Not only is my attitude better, I am more thankful. How can I not be when I'm surrounded by bounty?

With tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes and 3 in 1 sauce out of the way, I moved on to salsa. The recipe I use is Lee Good's (a friend from church). It uses a lot of cumin, which we love. Grandma and I started chopping at 7:30am this morning and I didn't pull the last jar from the canner until 2pm. Jamey even chopped the onions for me last night. That helped me avoid chopping off a finger (since I can't see well through tears gushing down my face) and rings around my eyes (from wearing Sam's goggles- the only way I can chop onions myself. Yes, goggles. They're green.).

27 pints and 5 quarts.

My fingers are still burning from the hot peppers. Today, I am even thankful for that.
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