Saturday, August 16, 2008

Storage Crates

We are still learning and figuring out where the best place is to store what. Do we try to store potatoes (or winter squash, or sweet potatoes, etc.) in the cellar or the pantry? The cellar gets pretty warm. The pantry has no heat, but doesn't freeze. It's tricky and trial and error at this point. To aid in our attempts, Jamey cranked out these crates the other day. He used old paneling boards he found in the barn.

Now, this below is very sweet, but not quite what we had in mind for the crates. Yes, my daughter is topless. Lately, she has been stripping down to play outside (and it's not even hot out). We require her to keep her underwear on, much to her dismay.

Here is one of the crates being put to work in the pantry.
Wish us luck! There's nothing worse than rotting produce.

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  1. We have just been talking about our storage problem, discussing where to get crates/baskets. Mr. H said he could make some...

    As for storing sweet potatoes: cure them well and then put them in a box between layers of newspapaer and keep the box in a warm, dark, dry closet. Our's lastest a year, no problem.

  2. Funny that she is dismayed that she had to wear underwear!! I have a 4 year old granddaughter that refuses to wear underwear if she is wearing pants!!! She reluctantly wears her underwear with her dresses!! Her older sister (8 yo) has done the strip down once she gets home from anywhere since she was very young!! (My daughter had to be insistent that she keep her clothes on when visiting other homes and at school!!!) My daughter figures that at some point they will become modest!! It is finally coming around to the oldest one! Funny that a 4 year old like to go commando!!!


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