Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back Home

Sunday morning, I drove my Grandma to my sister's where my parent's picked her up and took her home. I was really sad to see her go. It was really special having her here with us- I will never forget our time together.

I stayed on at my sister's for three days. This is the sister (and her husband) who gave me (oh, yeah, and my other brothers and sister) a beautiful, sweet niece. She's such a good baby and my sister and her husband are doing wonderfully as new parents. I held my baby niece a lot. And walked her and talked to her. We looked at books and went outside. I changed itty-bitty diapers and held itty-bitty hands. Her mommy and I took her on a couple outings where she learned and loved being worn in a sling. I underestimated the connection between an aunt and her sister's baby. Well, I'm connected to her, anyway:-). I miss them already....

Back home, Jamey did a great job with the kids. He even camped out with them in the back yard and made catsup. Thanks, dear. The house was in order when I came through the door (he may have had a warning on that one). It was really good to see the kids- they looked HUGE to me- like child giants compared to the little one I had been with the past few days. I had an incredible time at my sister's but it's still so good to be back home. Pin It

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  1. We loved having you here!! Baby had a fussy afternoon yesterday - I think she missed her auntie :) Thank you for all of your help and mommy advice!!


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