Monday, August 4, 2008

While I Was Away: Peaches, Part 2

Early Sunday morning, Jamey called me while I was at my sister's. He said, "We have a little problem". You know all those Red Haven peaches I had upstairs in the office? Well, they started growing mold. Now, I know, you have to watch and check peaches. And I was watching and checking. Saturday morning, before I left town, I felt them. They were getting softer, but not moldy-soft. So, I thought they would wait for me until I returned Sunday evening. Not so. Jamey put the moldy ones in the fridge and headed off to church. He offered to can the moldy ones and we would just hope that the rest would wait for me.

Sunday evening, I called to update him on my sister and to say I would be later than I thought getting home. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably be canning peaches until the wee hours of the morning. Well, didn't he go and can almost ALL my peaches, leaving me a few dozen to freeze. 28 quarts. What a gift.

While he was canning, the kids were...let's say...NOT being cooperative. So when they went off quietly to play, Jamey was happy for the break. Soon he heard a car drive in the lane. It was a sheriff. He got out of his car and Jamey met him outside. He asked if everything was alright and then told Jamey that they had a 911 hang-up from our address. Hmmmmmm...quiet playing...? Needless to say, Jamey apologized profusely and that was that. Don't worry. We had the whole 911 discussion again. And the boy-who-cried-wolf discussion. And the phones-are-not-toys discussion. And the if-you-ever-do-that-again-if-it's-not-an-emergency.... discussion. You get my drift.

I think Sam learned his lesson. As did I. If I go out of town RIGHT when produce needs to be put up, my darling husband will do it for me:-). Pin It

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  1. Twenty-plus quarts of peaches while watching two kids? Now that's a SEXY man!


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