Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eliza Withdraw

That is what I am going through. My sister and her husband had their beautiful baby girl Saturday noon. My sister was AMAZING. This is her first baby. She labored in the hospital for 4 hours and pushed for 18 minutes, bringing Eliza Ruth into this world. All without drugs.

Unfortunately, last night and this morning, there were complications and Emily was whisked off for treatment. While she was being tended to, my mom and I, through a few shed tears and lots of prayers, held and loved little Eliza until we were able to turn her back over to her mommy and daddy this evening.

I had forgotten all the little faces newborns make when they sleep. And their little mouths, as they stretch and yawn and sneeze. Their little hands curled up beside their face while they sleep. The way they twitch and lurch out of a deep slumber. I never thought I could love another baby even close to how much I have loved my own. Oh, but little Eliza is right up there. How I love her....

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  1. i can't wait to meet her! thanks for being there with E and mom! i'm not sure if i'll see you thursday or not, but hopefully!!


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