Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life Flows On

Four out of the six colonies survived the winter which we find pretty miraculous.  We will harvest honey this year.  We've already lost (and captured!) a swarm- more on that to come.

Easter pies- sour cherry and blueberry 

swine decimation 

Two of the culprits.  The other two are no more.  Stay tuned for more on this- we made our own bacon.

The adoration goes both ways.

guarding his yard (from squirrels, that is)
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  1. Lovely photos. Makes me want to come up and visit and just relax in the scenery.

  2. Love the shots of sweet family life that always puts a smile on my face. Even the swine decimation! 😁🐷🐖

  3. Kids, Bees, pies, hound dogs, bacon.....Lovely!

  4. Beautiful...all of it! So lovely to have these little peeks into your lives. So happy for you that some of your bees survived the winter...yippee!! What a blessing you are to the little one in your care. Hugs, Camille

  5. Been reading your blog for years. I'm a mother now and have new eyes to admire the way you prioritize life responsibilities and opportunities. As a Christian, thank you for bearing witness in so many ways.

  6. Pies look wonderful and the bees my my all that knocking them out of the tree and what not.. scary.. is that a ridgeback sure looks like one we had several growing up and i had one years ago. Im a new follower nice blog going off to read more. God bless with love Janice


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