Monday, September 28, 2015

Finishing the Steps and Floor (Part 4)

To get the full story and to illustrate how much work went into this project you can read Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3. Don't be fooled by redecorating and remodeling shows that make it look like this stuff happens overnight.  In the real world (of kids, life, and a one-at-a-time-person remodeling force), these projects take time...and in our case, a couple years.

But finally, it is compete.  While the kids and I were out of state at Cousin Camp, Jamey stayed home to work his day job AND stain the steps.  I touched up the paint soon after returning home and we are so pleased.  And so grateful to have this project DONE.

Remember how there was a "path" of uneven old stain underneath the paint layers?  With a little blending of the new stain, Jamey was able to make it almost disappear.

And, now, I can excitedly say that after 10 yeas of living here, there are no more painted wood floors.

On a side note, after realizing that I quoted this verse to our kids fairly often, I decided to put it at the bottom of the stairs.  In no time, my two readers had it memorized and now they can quote it to me.

On yet another side note, in an attempt to make our downstairs bathroom easier for guests to locate, I hung this picture.  I found the image online, printed it off in black and white, and hung it in a frame that wasn't being used.  I think it's rather sweet.

Surprisingly, there are no major home projects on my horizon.  Not because potential projects don't exist but because sometimes they don't have to be we can just be.

And I like being.
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  1. Well done!!! And your paint color is lovely.
    Janet in Woodway, wa

  2. It's all lovely, and I especially like the framed photo.

  3. Yay for no projects on the horizon! I wish that I was in that place! Takes much longer to get something done with littles. :) We need to do something to our basement stairs. Want to come and stain ours?

    Like the verse at the bottom of your stairs.

  4. Beautiful stairs and hallway. How nice to have that done, finished, never to be repeated.

  5. The pictures of the finished floor are lovely. Both the wall verse and the bathroom door picture are cute. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  6. Wow, it all looks so nice! I went back to see your original post...amazing transformation!

  7. GORGEOUS!!! You did a wonderful job with the flooring and stairs. I especially love that you put those verses on the've got my brain spinning in that direction now....I think I may just have to copy you. XOXO

  8. That is one of my favorite verses!

  9. I'm so impressed that you took on this project. I think the floor and stairs look so good. All I can say is WOW!

  10. Beautiful! We have some stairs to do this winter. Unfortunately someone glued commercial carpet to hardwood. Grrr...not sure what we are going to do with that mess. Right now we are in the middle of a huge wallpaper removal and painting project. And that means a mess!

  11. They look wonderful. And love that verse!

  12. The quote at the bottom of the stairs is unique and lovely. I'll bet there's not another wall at the bottom of a stairway anywhere else that is the same! Everything you have done is perfect. And done with loving thought and care.

  13. Your stairs look lovely! And I love the verse! Did you paint that on or is that a peel and stick wall decor?

    1. Thank you! The verse came on a sheet and was a transfer that we used a credit card to rub on. They are very easy to do! This is the one we got...

  14. I love this post. And I just love the quote on the wall, I've been wanting to try doing something like that but haven't yet.


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