Monday, April 28, 2014

Post Easter Recovery

We had a lovely Easter.

As has become the recent custom, after fun-filled events full of positive stress, I come down with something. This time, it was a scratchy, sore throat and a tiredness which reminded me of early pregnancy exhaustion (but isn't).

Just before Easter, my computer died which meant researching to find the best-decent-but-cheap laptop, ordering it, waiting for it to arrive, and then waiting until it was set up/backed up/whatever.  I am still waiting for one more cord to come in the mail so I can post pictures so stay tuned for a follow-up picture post.

Now that I'm feeling better and have access to you lovely folks again, I feel more like myself.  Ahead lies the month of May.  May is our last month of school- free of PE and piano lessons which makes it feel lighter and more manageable.  Our calendar is open as are the windows most afternoons now and my post-school to-do list of projects are forming in my head.

High on the list is a half hour sitting in the sun on warm afternoons.  Now is the time to relish quiet time outside- before the weeds and produce demand my free time.  I can wander around, snapping off asparagus spears and watching the bees after I fill up their water source.  My, oh my, they thirsty little creatures (they also use it to cool off their hives).

The peas are coming up and the potatoes have been planted.  The lettuces we let go to seed in hopes they'd all reseed themselves have done just so and we're looking forward to big salads.  The blueberries, peaches, pear, crab apples, flowering quince, and so many other bushes, trees and flowers are in bloom and the grass is green, green, green.

I love this time of year and I hope you're enjoying it as much as we are.  He is risen! Pin It

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  1. He is risen indeed! The sunshine and Vit D will make you feel much better! Isn't God good?


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