Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Present

This will be my last post until after Easter.  We are hosting my family again this year and there's lots to do!  If you'd like to see what Easter looks like at our house, you can take a look at last year's pictures.  And, just a side note- if you really want to force yourself to get spring cleaning done in the spring, volunteer to host Easter! :-)

Also, please don't forget that every 5th cookbook ordered before May 1st will be free!  See details here.

Okay, and now for a special little Easter treat for you- colored Easter pollen from our bees!  Saturday was a beautiful day for another hive inspection.  I donned my veil this time and still managed to get a few good pictures.  The veil may just be my new best friend.

Happy Easter, lovelies!  In the midst of all the festivities, may you remember that HE LIVES!

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  1. The best gifts come from nature! Beautiful pollen! I'm pretty sure I've never said that before...I had no idea it could be pink! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. We are raising six chicks for some friends for whom the magic of the metamorphosis has worn thin. :-) She thinks she's gotten the best end of the deal. I'm still pretty sure that *I* won. But wait ... No eggs for us! Boo!


    Anyhow, just had to share that with you as I knew you'd get it. HAPPY EASTER!


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