Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Hiatus

I need a month off, folks.

I don't want a month off from being here with you...but I really think it's necessary.  There is a lot going on this next month or so and I need time to live it (and live through it).  What will I be doing instead?  Lord willing, I'll be...

~ freezing corn and red raspberries
~ making and freezing beet hummus and pesto,
~ baking and freezing more zucchini bread
~ freezing spinach
~ canning tomato sauce, tomato soup, and chopped tomatoes
~ freezing whatever peaches from our trees we haven't eaten
~ braiding garlic and onions
~ continuing to cut and sell sunflowers
~ hosting my sister and her four children for 5 days (cousin camp!)
~ painting the mudroom
~ keeping an eye on the bees
~ finding a wood chip source
~ getting the school room ready
~ finishing school plans, determining lesson schedules and choosing a starting date
~ sitting on the dock and looking at the lake- for a week
~ taking a couple end of summer day trips
~ camping out with Jamey's family

I will keep taking pictures and will likely explode with posts when I come back.  I hope your August is lovely.  I will miss you dearly.  Sniffle, sniffle, whimper, sob.

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  1. I hear ya - Aug. is always busy. For wood-chips, you might try contacting your city parks/rec. or maintenance dept. They usually chip the branches from around power lines, in cemeteries, and parks & have a pile of them somewhere.
    Will miss you.
    Lady Locust

  2. How wise of you to be bold and 'un-plug' so that you can focus on the important tasks at hand. More of us need to be willing to do that. Blessings on your hiatus!

  3. I'll miss you this month - your blog is something that I look forward to reading each morning. Totally understand the need for a vacation though. Enjoy it!

  4. We'll miss you! Know that I will be praying for you while I am finishing up my canning. Enjoy the busy, and enjoy the slow.

  5. You will be missed...but it sounds like your next several weeks will be filled with lots of goodness. xoxoxo

  6. It will help to get your "to do" list completed if you can not think about the blog for a few weeks. You will be missed! I learn so much and admire your candid honesty. You are "real." I like and appreciate that about you. May the Lord give you a productive time...............along with some relaxation.

  7. You will be missed for certain. Sometimes we have to make the decision to let something in our life "go" at least for a time. The things you will be doing are the really important ones. Enjoy the next month as much as you can!

  8. Enjoy although sounds like you will be very busy. Thank you for your inspiration.. I just stumble on your blog and adore it.

  9. I hope your month is as wonderful as it sounds. You will be missed, but I think I will take that time to re-read some of your older posts to learn (and retain).

  10. what a breath of fresh air to find a blogger that puts her family and life and responsibilities first! bless you this month.

  11. I hope you have a great month! Just discovered your blog and am playing some catch up! Enjoy your month :)


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