Thursday, June 20, 2013

And We Finally Have...Mushrooms

If you try real hard and search the dusty corners of your long-term memory, do you recall that early last spring we planted installed corked spawned inoculated Shiitake mushrooms?

mushroom logs behind the playhouse (wineberry jungle to the left)

Well, even though we followed our friend's instructions we didn't enjoy any mushrooms last year.  But this is a new year!

We tried again by soaking the inoculated logs in cold water for several days (a few weeks ago), then set them out again in the shade.  The change in temperature did the trick.  About a week later, we had a good handful of mushrooms.

What in the world was I going to do with our first harvest?!  Well, it was pizza night so the grownup pizza was dressed to gills with mushrooms.  And they were delicious.

Occasional soakings throughout the summer should give us multiple and every-increasing-in-size mini harvests of the fungi goodness.  Whoohoo!  It's working. It turns out that what you need most for growing mushrooms (if you're us) is patience:-).

 one of the next batch coming along
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  1. So exciting! So glad they are growing this year! The pizza looks amazing!

  2. This is amazing, you enjoyed these good handful of mushrooms.. i love mushrooms, i love not only eating them but also growing them!

  3. I do remember when you started with them! Congratulations on the successful mushroom harvest ;)


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