Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is our first real week of summer.  We're all getting used to the balance between chores and rest and it is bliss. 

Projects that went on the back burner until summer are listed on the fridge- things like stripping the paint off the banister, organizing clothes bins, putting together Miriam's two year old photo collage, etc.  A couple minor projects, like packing up all the school books, have already been tackled. 

Having ample time to get laundry done, make dinner, and keep the house in semi-order is so refreshing.  As is having time to relax with the kids without thinking of all the things that aren't getting done.  In the spirit of slowing down and making time to relax, my blogging will relax as well.  I'm guessing that will mean a post a week, summing up anything interesting going on around here. 

Feel free to make use of the Preserving and Recipe pages (at the top) in the mean time and enjoy your own summer pace.

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  1. So smart to relax on your duties ... but I will say I miss it when you haven't posted in a while. How selfish is that? :) Your heart is a blessing.

  2. I love reading about you're garden and the recipes but I totally understand slowing down a bit :-) Have a great summer and please make some more garden posts :-)

  3. Have a great relaxing, productive summer!! :)

  4. here is to you hubby and kids enjoying each other with a fun safe summer

  5. Have a wonderful Summer Jane! :) I hear you on the wonderful-ness of the relaxed/altered schedule....enjoy!! I think one post per week is very wise. I am planning a little time away from this blog-world too. We are not done school yet, so it will be a little later on. It's still rainy and cool here...Summer is coming, right? :)

    Many Blessings,


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