Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting Serious

I think it's been this mild winter that has made me feel as if I'm in an uncomfortable limbo.  (Please just act as if this makes sense to you.)  It's been unseasonably warm- daffodils and snow drops are blooming.  My miniature hyacinths are up, our pussy willow tree is in full-fluff and it just feels like we should be busy in the garden.  But it's still a bit too early.  While it's tempting to jump in and while it looks like it will stay mild (and therefore okay to do so), we're trying to hold off just a little.

In the meantime, there are a few things to be done.  We did have our garden planning meeting, but seeds still need to be ordered and bought.  We could plant lettuce and spinach in our cold frames anytime.  The red raspberries need pruning.


Jamey did pick up 7 bales of hay so we could start mulching the garden (if done heavily, it should be enough to kill the oats that the lack of heavy freezes left standing).

There are plans to increase the height of the chicken run fence to keep those little buggers where they should be.  They've been kicked out of the garden and given a stern talking-to (by me) to stay out of said garden and our yard.  Who wants to step in chicken poop while hunting Easter eggs?  We do have one broody hen.  Now, chicks at Easter?  What could be more perfect?

Our garden shed has been reorganized.  You might think that because of all the gardening we do, we have a stellar garden shed with all the latest and greatest tools.  Let me correct that assumption this very minute.  Our "garden shed" has a dirt floor, ramshackle shelves and lacks a window.  The view out the lacking-window is quite lovely, though.  A fancy shed and fancy tools do not make vegetables taste any better- I promise.


So.  Part of me is screaming, "Get outside!  You have work to do!".  The other part is crooning, "It's too early.  You still have months of school left- focus on all you have to do inside!"  Jamey is also feeling the pull.  The past four years he has been in school which allowed for plenty of garden-prepping and planting time.  This year, he's working full-time and school-time has stepped up for me.  This spring will be different.


As you can see, the garden looks, well... kind of hideous.  But, don't worry.  We'll get our act together.   Man oh man.  Asparagus, fresh greens and strawberries are just around the corner.

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  1. Do be careful,be patient (I'm sure you always are) march madness is about to ascend on us,for us,that usually means a big snow storm,I shared your barn shed with Jerry,he said it looked like one of the places he had to live as a child( no kidding) poor as church mice some might say but now a days not all church mice are poor ,I won;t say which ones,but that they are probably on TV too. That dimple on hubby's check is not a dimple -its a rat bite!

    1. Wow, Judy. What a reminder to be thankful for what we have. A rat bite! Bless his dear heart.

  2. Mild winter limbo makes perfect sense to me. I live in northern Wisconsin and I suffer from the same thing. There is still snow in my backyard but the 69 degrees we had yesterday - and will continue to have all through the week - is rapidly taking care of that. But up here you can't plant anything safely outside until the end of May.

    I cleaned out the potting shed instead.

    Have a lovely week Jane!

  3. I do know what you mean about "uncomfortable limbo"...I feel it, too. Not necessarily about getting the garden going...mine if more of an unsettled feeling, incomplete. We didn't really even HAVE a winter...and without it I am not ready for Spring. I keep waiting for a real winter. I love your are right about the vegetables tasting just the same no matter what!

  4. So glad I'm not the only one in limbo! I've been feeling that way for weeks and am (maybe) just starting to shake it.

  5. Today it is raining nonstop......and I am almost grateful :) So much to be done inside before the outside takes over and it's all hands on deck. I am going room by room and cleaning out the junk we tend to accumulate.......I blame the grandparents :) You see where it's gotten me so blogger dashboard to see who has are the only one of the seven.....looks like it's off to the girl's room.....wish me luck, I am about to buried in hair clips and baby dolls.......

  6. on mamma pea quilt page on face book you can see Jerry with a special gift from mama pea but you can't really make out the " bit " on his check

  7. It is a little nerve-wracking not knowing exactly how the weather is going to turn or when. I bet the garden shed smells divine...earthy, there is real work happening in there. Reminds me of my granddad's garages full of work tools and stuff.


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