Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shopping Online with Ebates

I've never enjoyed shopping very much.  At least not since I have things to do, money I actually want to save (for things like the electric bill, groceries, Jamey's schooling-turned-student-loans), and kids who make shopping a lot less fun (no offense, kids).

For me, buying what I need online is SO much easier.  In minutes, I can scour products and reviews and feel like I am making an informed decision instead of running to three different stores comparing prices, etc.   It's nice having what I need delivered to my door instead of getting coats and shoes on everyone and loading us in and out of the van while ignoring the curious stares we get when people see my school age children out and about on a school day (it does not take all day, people!).

The only bummer about online shopping is having to pay shipping, but if you watch for deals, it's sometimes cheaper than buying your item at an actual store and sometimes (especially this time of year) stores off free shipping (yippee!!).

You all know about how much I love swagbucks.  It was my friend, Mavis, who introduced me to them.  Well, she's a money-saving genius, so when she started talking about Ebates (it's FREE), I thought I should listen up.  Here's how it works.  When you're ready to make an online purchase, go to the Ebates website and search there for either the item or the store you wish to buy from.  If the item or store you want is there, use their link to the store or item and you'll receive cash back in the form of a check (in three month intervals).  You can also check for coupons there that may be available for the store you'll be shopping from.  You might already use a credit card that gives you cash back in a similar way.  Just think- you could be earning twice for one transaction!

If you're planning on doing any Christmas shopping online, you may want to give it a go here soon.  I signed up last week and am excited to earn a little extra because of something I do anyway.

Of Note: The $10 gift card bonus for signing up will be sent to you if you spend $25 through Ebates links within a couple months of signing up.  For details of payment, etc., explore the "My Ebates" section once you've signed up and are logged in. Pin It


  1. I heart Ebates. :) I like getting paid to shop! :)

  2. wish I had time to check it out,looks tempting,I only bought essentials-socks underwear ,ect,for godzillion people but I did not pay any S&H.

  3. if you like Ebates, you should check out Mr Rebates here as well Oftentimes they have a better cash back percentage, but I usually will do a compairison between the two sites for the best rate. Thanks Jacqui


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