Monday, November 28, 2011

Leaves: Trash or Treasure?

I know a number of people who really dislike leaf removal- to put it mildly.  We have a good number of mature trees but either their leaves are small (in the case of our black walnut and mimosa) or they get blown away because we often have a nice breeze blowing where we live.  The poplar and the chestnut require some minimal raking, but it's an easy job and the kids have fun jumping in the medium-sized pile.

Jamey decided that this year, instead of driving around or to the city leaf disposal area to pick up leaves, he would just ask for them.

He's as happy as a clam because in just two days, this is what arrived.

 This pile came in the back of a small dump truck.

One man's trash is certainly another man's treasure in this case.  As you know, we use leaves and straw to mulch our garden.  This year, we've also incorporated oats (planted in the fall knowing that they will grow and die before going to seed) into the equation.  Once the oats are dead, he'll layer on the leaves and in the spring, top everything off with straw.

The lush green oats are in the background.

Our soil tends toward the clumpy and dry, so mulching the dickens out of it helps add organic matter and holds in moisture.  Good soil is crucial to a good crop.

Next time you want something, consider a sign at the end of your driveway.  Just prepare to talk through your back door to the nice people who bring it by.  Do not open your door to a stranger.


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  1. you have to be kidding Jane,wish I lived next door,you could have all mine jk

  2. What an idea! I live in town and am goosey about the chemicals people use on the lawn the leaves fall on. My husband and I still go for rides in the "country" after church to gather bags of leaves. It is like a date but with wet work. (our latest leaf gathering date)

  3. Treasure! We use leaves for mulch, compost, goat fodder, and stall/coup bedding..they're excellent!

  4. Holy Crackers... I am going to put a sign in my front yard that reads:

    Wanted: 4 Free tickets to London.

    I'll keep you posted!

  5. That's a great idea! There's a big red palm mark on my forehead now for not thinking of that sooner. Next year I suppose.
    And Mavis-lol

  6. Back when my parents lived on a busy street, we put a sign up that read "Packing Peanuts Wanted." People would leave them on the porch, but, one day, a man came to the door saying he was interested in the job packing peanuts. He looked absolutely crestfallen when she explained that she wasn't offering employment!

  7. Speaking of tickets above:

    If you want a free ticket to an event (that's not ticket-scalping-worthy), just stand by the door with a sign that says "Tickets wanted." It works great! People who have an extra usually feel bad to see it wasted, and are happy to give it away. Even when you offer to pay, they almost always decline.


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