Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kaleidograph Giveaway!

 This giveaway is closed.  Please go here to find out who won.

Remember those kaleidoscopes we used to play with as kids?  You know, the little tube we'd look through and as we turned the end, the colors and designs would change?  Well, we came across an activity that allows your kids to make their own kaleidoscope creations by layering squares of designs on top of each other.

Each set of cards comes in a compact sleeve that holds everything together.

Each card is two-sided, showing a different color on each side, adding even more design options.

There are so many possibilities!  Each set comes with a booklet that shows you some of the many designs that can be created.

Sam and Sadie have enjoyed this immensely.  Not only have I loved watching them get creative, but I also love watching the little wheels turn in their minds (yes, I can see the wheels) as they try to figure out how to replicate the designs on the design page.  Their minds are saying, "Which card do I lay down first?  This one?  No, then I wouldn't be able to see this part of the design...let me try this one, " and so forth.  All of us love the bold colors and the fact that the cards are made of heavy card stock.  They'll take some wear and still stay nice.

This is another great quiet activity that could be used during read alouds or even in church.  It would also be a great stocking stuffer- anything to get away from cheap plastic toys that break within days, are soon
abandoned, and don't encourage creativity!

Giveaway:  With the help of a Kaleidograph distributor, I will be giving away two (2) Kaleidograph Sets- One Crystal and One Flora.  There will be two winners, each winning one set.  To enter to win one, please leave a comment below telling me two things.

1) Please tell me which Kaleidograph set you'd like to win- Crystal or Flora (photos above are of Flora, see link above for photos of Crystal).

2) And for fun...what is your favorite or least favorite fall food?

One entry per household.  Please leave me some initials if you're commenting anonymously. If you have trouble commenting, you can always email me your entry.  I'll chose a winner from each group sometime on Tuesday (the 27th).

Our family was given a Flora Kaleidograph set by a distributor who asked if I'd like to host a giveaway.  The review was my idea.
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  1. I would love the crystal set!! This is such a great thing, I'd never heard of these before!!

    My most favorite fall food is pumpkin:-)
    My least favorite fall food is.....I don't think I have one;-)

  2. Oh fun! Okay let's see, how about the crystal set....and favorite food, hmm...right now it's eggplant parmesand and bruschetta (but that is subject to change at any given moment). =)

  3. Those are so cool! I have never seen anything quite like it. I love the colors and shapes in the Flora set. And I look forward to Honey Crisp apples and caramel dip - yum yum.
    Kelly M

  4. Camryn would love these! I think I like the flora set best, but they're both cool.
    My favorite fall food would have to be Mom's pumpkin torte or apple dumplings.
    Cindy G.

  5. Cool! We would enjoy the Flora set please!
    My favorite fall food is fresh salsa - being so far north, my tomatoes are only just now ripening!

  6. I'd love the Crystal set!

    My least favorite Fall food is Dandelion Greens (I've tried!!) and my most favorite Fall food is any dessert with apple.

  7. Crystal!

    Right now I'm craving apples. I can't wait till we make a trip to the orchard for several bushels. Then it will be pie, crips, and more pie all the day long.

  8. I prefer the look of the flora set I think ( a bit more feminine maybe?), though they are both great!

    Favorite fall food must be freshly picked apples, tied with a good cider.

  9. Ooooh, the crystal set!

    Fall food......hearty soups!

  10. What a fun, creative set! I think I like the Flora, but they are both great. My favorite fall foods are pumpkin pie and apple crisp!

  11. We'd love the flora set!
    My. All-time favorite fall food is apple cider! lindasroltzfus at gmail dot com

  12. The flora set!

    Favorite fall food...caramel apples!

  13. My Godsons would love that crystal set but I have to say this would be an activity would be kept at my house for a special treat when they come over!! I'm a puzzle NUT so just looking at those pictures is making ME want to play with them!!!

    My favorite fall food is chili and all it's beautiful variations and forms! Throw it on a bit of tinkyada and you're golden!

    My least favorite fall food would be the bombardment of sweets that always takes place and the cranberry sauce on the thanksgiving table!


  14. Oooh. I really like the Flora set. What a neat idea! I'm sure my boys would have fun with this...and I think I would too!

    Hmmm. Most favorite fall food? Well, there are so many. But, I'll stick with the standard fare - pumpkin pies and fresh applesauce! (Least favorite? Probably turnips....although if I'm honest I haven't even tasted them since I was a kid. Maybe if I had a really great recipe for using them I'd change my mind).

  15. Probably crystal.

    Favorite? Anything to do with all the yummy local apples we can pick in the orchards around here.

    Least? Yikes. I am not even sure that is possible.

  16. I like the Flora set and I love anything apple in the fall... apple crisp!

    Jamie B

  17. I'm gonna let a younger family win this I think they would enjoy it immensely.but I will still tell you I hate rutaguggers [ rutabaga] my mom put them in every stew because they were cheap and fed a lot -thats what we had ,a lot of mouths to feed

  18. These sets look fantastic! Thanks for sharing about them and for hosting a giveaway! My kids are looking over my shoulder, ooohing and aaahing about them. My son wants the Crystal set, and my daughter wants the Flora set. :-) I'm thinking "stocking stuffer" and have already put them in my Amazon cart, just in case we don't win. :-)

    Favorite fall food? Just one?! Pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing.

  19. 1. Crystal – granddaughter would like this
    2. Crock pot pot roast – warm comfort food

    Lois H-W

  20. Hard to choose. I pick Flora, I guess.
    Favorite food: probably soup--I adore just about any soup . . . Oooh, or homemade donuts. Donuts always seem like a fall food to me, probably because of the Relief Sale.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Love this (I even want to play with it!) I would love to have the Flora set!

    My favorite fall food that I have to make at least once is apple pancakes with apple cider syrup. Oh, and of course, pumpkin ice cream:)

    Thanks for the chance:)

  22. I just found your blog. It's great!
    I would like the flora set, but I'm sure my kids would enjoy either one.
    In the fall I enjoy a nice hot pasty with dutch apple pie for desert. I don't care for mincemeat pie. I'm not even sure what's in it:)
    Heather D.

  23. I hope this is open to Candadians. :)
    I would love to win the Crystal.
    My favourite fall food Butternut squash with butter and walnuts. Yum.

  24. I'd love to have the crystal set. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Favorite fall food -- chili
    Least favorite -- turkey gravy with hard boiled eggs in it ties with oyster dressing

  25. I would pick the crystal set. I'd have to say my favorite fall food is warm apple pie with a slice of sharp cheddar on the side. Least favorite...anything pumpkin.

  26. These look really fun! I like both sets, but think I would choose the crystal ones.

    I have so many fall favorites, especially butternut squash. We just picked 22 out of our garden! Yay!

    Lisa H.

  27. I love the Flora set.
    My favorite fall food is anything pumpkin. I also love apples!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  28. I love the Flora set! And my fall favorite is my mom's pumpkin roll.

    Julie L.

  29. What a cool giveaway! I think I like "crystal" best.

    Favorite fall food... soup & bread. I like when the weather gets cool enough that I don't mind heating up my kitchen with the stove and oven going.


  30. Least favorite fall food - mushy squash of any kind. I'd like either set of the Kaleidographs if choose. These look like hours of fun even for the teenagers. Robin in SoCal

  31. I'd love either set, but if I have to pick, I would choose the flora set. What a fun activity!

    Favorite fall food: Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting! Yum!

  32. I would choose the Flora set.
    Favorite fall food..... sweet potatoes. I love growing and eating them.
    Janet S

  33. 1. Crystal

    2. Apple crisp is one of my favorite fall dishes, warm from the oven with a nice dollop of ice cream on top.

    Teresa S.

  34. thanks for the giveaway and the review!
    1) flora, for sure.
    2) hmmm...can i only pick one? that is impossible. let's see...pumpkin soup, butternut squash soup, carrot soup, pumpkin bread, and apple everything: apple bread, baked apples, dried apples, applesauce.

    i'm getting hungry now! :)

  35. 1. I would choose Crystal
    2. I love apple dumplings or apple pie

    Thanks for all the great ideas you give me :)

  36. I would love to have the flora for my young men! What a great activity! As for Fall foods, I always look forward to everything pumpkin- pies especially. As for least favorites, weirdly, I am not a huge fan of other orange squashes. I keep trying, but I just don't love them.

  37. How fun! This would be really fun for my son! I like both, but under duress I would choose the flora one.

    Apples, I love crisp (almost loose a tooth) crisp apples! (But reading everyone's favorites has definitely made my mouth water) Happy Fall!!

  38. I will have to go with the crystal option.

    My favorite fall food must be those soft pumpkin cookies with the icing on top! I think my least favorite is pumpkin pie, belive it or not.

    BLM - see ya'll soon!

  39. Beautiful! I'd choose the flora one.

    How can I not choose pumpkin pie? It's possibly my favorite food from any season.

  40. I'd love to be entered! they both look fabulous....

  41. The flora set is beautiful! It's the one I would choose.

    Our favorite fall food is a big pot of chili with Mexican cornbread. So good on those cool fall evenings!

    Thanks for a chance to win!

    Ashley Wren

  42. Hi there, first time caller long time listner. ;P I would like the crystal one. I do plan on getting both, one way or another. They are so cool.
    For #2 my favorite fall food is pumpkin pie, my least favorite....let's just say your pickled beets are safe, but if you have any regular beets. LOL


    Since a child, I've loved authentic Po-Boys from New Orleans. Alsi, I can't stand chitterlings.

  44. These are so neat! I'd love to win the floral set. My favorite thing about fall is that it's soup and fresh bread season for us. I love making a big pot of warm, comforting, made with love soup and serving fresh bread to go with it. Our least favorite fall food are squashes. We always try to like them, and it never works out. :-/

  45. I like the floral better, I think the designs are prettier and if I win, hopefully my niece will agree (smile).

    My favorite fall foods are stews and soups...just the thought of coming in from the cold to a steaming bowl and soft buttered bread is so heart-warming. I love the quiet at the table, when all you can hear is spoons clinking against bowls :)

  46. I like the crystal one best!

    My least favorite food in the fall is pumpkin! I am the only one in the family that doesn't like it! But I will make a pumpkin pie when asked!

    My favorite is a big pot of chicken and dumplings! YUM!!

  47. We would love the Flora style.

    My favorite- truly warm drinks, we are in California and we go a lot of months so hot that we drink only cold! I love hot teas.
    Least favorite. I grow cauliflower and but can hardly choke it down!


  48. Crystal.
    Least Favorite fall food is pumpkin. Yuck.

  49. I like the Flora.

    Favorite: Chili and cornbread
    Least: Beets (not that they are really a fall food, but I do dislike them in all seasons).


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