Saturday, August 27, 2011


I've been feeling very mellow these last few days and it's effecting my preserving drive.  And my laundry drive.  And my balanced meal drive.

You know I'm a bit off kilter when I'm posting on a Saturday.

Our tomatoes have petered out just as quickly as they ripened, leaving me short of a couple projects I was going to do.  I haven't been posting much in the way of my canning projects because you've seen them all before.  I promise, though, if I do something new, or try it in a different way, you'll be the first ones to know.

Our lone chick is precious and makes me long for something tiny of my own, but I know better and count the months until my sister gives me a new niece or nephew.  Well, she's not actually going to give me the child, but one can hope.


The sunflowers are lovely.  Bright, happy faces in spite of my melancholy self.

Did I tell you that Jamey has bee fever?  He's hoping to build a hive (or two) this fall and is day dreaming about catching a swarm so we don't have to order bees in the spring.  I'm excited about the endeavor, but glad that he's spear-heading this one.  I really dislike even the idea of the possibility of getting stung, while Jamey has stung himself on purpose to help his tendonitis.

This is me today.  Relaxing into the love of my family despite everything else.  And, for once, being okay with not doing much of anything.

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  1. Even if you have 'shown them all' with the canning - seeing them 'all' again is really inspiring for those of us who are starting :)

    And I'm showing DH the chicken coop - see,'s easy!

  2. What a great cat picture!

    It's the rainy, cool weather. I'm mellow and itchy, all mixed up into one, which has made for some weird fussing (on my part).

    Is there a particular reason you're melancholy?

  3. even your chicken and kitty look like they have had a bath!

  4. Your yard and sunflowers are beautiful! I wish I lived somewhere a little more rural so I could grow more and have chickens. The chick is adorable. I am inspired by your blog (as always).

  5. I'd still like to hear about your canning projects too - it's the daily work that people take for granted and nobody talks about!


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