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A friend of the family helped me catch this blog up a bit to this day and age.  Left to my own devices, this site would become sorely behind the times.  Oh?  It had already?  Shoot.  See what I mean?  I needed help.

One of the things we he did was to make it easier for some of you to keep track of what's going on with us.  As of today, you have options!  You can follow me on blogger (lower right hand column), subscribe to my posts through a reader (like google reader, yahoo, etc.), sign up to get email notification when a new post is published OR follow me on twitter.  No, as of yet I don't twit or tweet or whatever it's called, but you can find my posts there under JaneAtThyHand.  See the right-hand column for these links.

My head is spinning.  Is yours?

OR, you can just keep doing whatever you're doing to get yourself here.  I would miss you if you didn't.

One other thing I'm trying is to provide excerpts of my posts down the page so when you visit you can read the beginning of the post and then hop over it (and other ones) if you're not interested in the content (that never happens, right?).  How it works is will start reading a post and then boom! it will stop, but below the stop will be a link that says, "Click here to continue reading".  If you click that, you'll be taken to the rest of the post.

Let's practice.  Guess what happened here last night!!

We had a chick hatch!  It's been a full two years since one of our hens has gone broody.  We knew she was setting but we weren't sure if any of the (five) eggs would hatch out.  It's a tough world out there, you know.  Well, one did and momma and chick have been moved from the hen house to their own private chicken tractor where they can love on each other in peace.

 See that little brown head sticking out from under her wing?

I miss newborns...sigh....

As far as commenting issues go (I know some of you have them and it breaks my heart), major changes in blogger comments seem to be major pains in the behind.  So.  We're leaving things as they are for now and hopefully the reminder to chose a profile under the comment box will help.

If it seems like I'm explaining this stuff to all of you as if you're kindergarteners, it's only because *I* would need it explained to me in this way.  So please don't be offended.   And thanks for being patient with me as I try to get current.  It just doesn't come naturally.  Well, since I feel like my head is in the sand most of the time.

I also moved some stuff from the right-hand column onto the "Pages" just below the header picture including the list of what we grow.  I also updated our "Favorites" page (books, music, etc. that we love).  Feedback regarding all the changes is welcome, by the way.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends, and to those of you on the east coast, I'll be thinking of you and praying for your safety as Irene passes through. Pin It


  1. I think it's great that you are trying to keep up. I have a hard time with in point, there is a brand new laptop that Fed Ex brought me today, but do you think I have tried to use it yet? It still sits, unused, but at least taken out of the box. :-)

    My only critiques of the new and improved blog are:
    1) When I clicked to see the entire post, it took me a little time to find my place again within the post. Just sayin'.
    2) There are not nearly enough pics of his newly hatched chick! More, please.

  2. I was having problems commenting on your blog among others. Then, I searched through blogger information and found out how to fix it. The problem is that my own computer's settings weren't letting ME comment. So, in case you think it will help anybody else, this is what helped me:
    1)Go to the "Tools" icon on the screen (or hit ALT+X)
    2)Select "Internet Options"
    3)Click on the tab at the top that says, "Privacy"
    4)Click "Sites"
    5)Enter this blog address in the box
    6)Click "Allow"
    Solved my problem and only took a second.

  3. You know I love you, right? Okay. Now that we've established that, I can tell you that I really, really dislike it when I have to do another page load in order to finish reading a post. You were one of the few bloggers I could rely on to keep things simple! LOL! For those of use who live in the country with s-l-o-w internet service it's a huge pain in the patooty every time you have to wait for a page to load. (not to mention wasted data usage) There are some blogs that I have to do as many as three page loads to actually get to the post. But I love you muchly, and will keep reading your blog anyway. :-)

  4. hey Thy Hand :) deeeeep question for you... in your "momma knowledge" of 3... :)
    i have a daughter who will be 3 years old at the end of October. i don't have a lot of kids to compare her with, but i'd say she's fairly smart, social, etc. pretty normal :) she can identify her letters (without work from me), she can count to 15, and she's got a mind like a steel trap! she's a great kid...
    i have another little one who is 6 months socially, K doesn't get a lot of time wth kids her age...Sunday at church for about an hour...and here and there when she plays with a few friends....
    do you think it's "necessary" for her to go to preschool? my pediatrician asked me today if she was going to preschool b/c she thought she'd do great... i didn't know how to respond... :)
    i don't know if will homeschool or not (i'm an elementary teacher but am staying home with my kids now), but i don't want to make the wrong decision for my daugther... :) what is your advice???

    and, i know you're a homeschoolin' momma...

  5. Menno Jeweler,
    When you click to continue reading, where we left off should be right at the top of the page. More chick pix? On the way:-).

    Do not lose heart,
    Awesome! Thank you for sharing this!!

    Oh, dear. I didn't think about this. This is why I wanted feedback! Are there more of you that sympathize with my dear Michelle? C'mon. You can tell me.

    I *personally* would not have sent my kids to preschool even if I had chosen not to homeschool. It sounds as if a large part of your concern has to do with socialization. Don't forget that your daughter is socialized any time she interacts with people- and that includes you and the rest of her family, neighbors, the grocery store clerk, extended family, etc. When Sam was young, I got together with other new moms for them to "play", but what it really was about was ME getting to talk to another new mom:-). When Sadie came along, her naps complicated things and the play dates were fewer and far between. I think preschool can happen very easily at home if that is where you're heart is telling you to keep her. But, this is just my opinion and what has worked well for us (our kids seem to be socialized just fine and they are on grade level without having gone to preschool). Others, feel free to chime in! robin, if you want to chat more, email me (

  6. The new layout looks great! Very organized and accessible. It'll take me a while to sift through all the goodies. So much to learn!

  7. I don't know what all that means, because I'm behind the times myself. But,now I can ask you if I have questions.

  8. Sorry if you receive a few comments from me. I am having trouble commenting but it seems to work if I just do it under anonymous. I tried the above idea under tools but it doesn't seem to let me log in under my account. It says my account is not allowed?

    Anyway, I follow you and always enjoy your posts.

    Judi :)

  9. Judi,
    Your "testing" under anonymous seems to be working fine:-). Keep in mind that you won't see your comment right away because I have to approve/publish it and some days it might be hours before I can check comments. I'm so glad it's working for you now! Thanks for sticking it out until you figured it out:-).

  10. hi, I am one who dislikes reading a few sentences and then having to click to another page to read. I usually end up just clicking away....and not seeing the wonderfulness that is written. Just being honest. But your posts are so lovely....I'll have to remember to click.... It's just a personal thing.


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