Saturday, July 9, 2011

Please Give Me a Name

Something has been on my mind for awhile now and my blogger-friend, Mama Pea, raised the same issue recently, so now I need your help.  I've never revealed my real name on this blog (unless it was revealed by accident and I didn't notice it), so I started being called "Thy Hand" for short since this blog has an ever-so-long name.

In some ways, this is okay.  I like the idea of "being the hands and feet" (as in a figure of speech) of God, (meaning doing His work), but that's too hoity-toity, toot-my-own-horn, not-at-all-what-I'm-trying-to-say-or-feel-like-I-am.  Obviously, I'm not His actual hand!  It makes me even more uncomfortable to think that some might mistakenly think that I'm okay with this meaning especially.

SO!  All this said, I'm ready for a new name.  I'll take any and all ideas (but please be nice).  Feel free to offer more than one suggestion.  I'll choose my top favorites and let you vote on my new name. 

As of right now, I'm "formally known as Thy Hand" and that just makes me want to dress funky, dye my hair black and grow a thin mustache.

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  1. how about martha? or rose? hmmm maybe olive?

  2. The rest of your family uses their real names so why don't you?

    What about using your middle name? (I'm not sure what it is, but I think I have a vague idea...)

  3. What about your subtitle? Living Simply in Order to Give? Or Live Simply to Give?

    Love the thin mustache I have a complex...;)

  4. Jada would name you Ron, Wally, or Maud. At least, that's what she named our female cats.

    My suggestions: Moss, Berry, Summer, or Sunny.

    Or, if you aren't feeling nature-ish, how about Lyla, Adelaide, or Anne?

    It's going to be awfully hard to stop calling you Thy Hand....

  5. Hmmm. I will admit I have been curious about what your real name is. Although I understand your hesitation to put too much info out there into cyberworld. I do think of you as 'Thy Hand'. It might be hard for me to think of you by a different name. I don't have any brilliant suggestions yet, but I'll let you know if I come up with any! :)

  6. JJ (and anyone else who wonders),
    I started out using the kids' real names because I wasn't going to take face pictures of them (and still generally don't) AND because I didn't want to have to think of fake names AND thought that if someone wanted to find us it would be harder to find us just using kids' names (not that anyone would ever try to find us- I was just being paranoid as is customary these days and may be warranted) AND because I didn't think anyone would read this but you, my mom and sisters.

    I just thought there was no need for me to use my name and since it's not a common name, would therefore make it harder to find us. Again, I have no idea who would try. So, there you have it. I do have a middle name, but don't think I want to use it. So, now you have to give some real suggestions, JJ. I'm waiting with bated breath.

  7. I kinda like Zoe's suggestions of Moss, Berry, Summer or Sunny. All of those seem to fit my picture of you. BUT I think you should pick whatever bloggy name YOU want to go by.

    I do understand not wanting to put your real name out there. After all, I'm Mama Pea and that's not my first name. ;o}

  8. Um, how about the name of your favorite female from the bible. Or your favorite flower. Or your favorite female character from a book. Or find a top 100 baby names list and work off of that.

  9. I'm having a hard enough time coming up with names for baby number three....
    How about something related to what you do or enjoy? Like, you enjoy staying at home, so something home-y? ;)
    I don't know, guess I'm not much help! :)

  10. Okay about Superwoman? Or, Mysterious Mama? The Discrete Diva?

    Seriously, though. My mom said Honey. (And I agree.)

  11. I'm the opposite, I've given my first name but not the names of my family! Call yourself what you are comfortable with, an anonymous cute is fun also. I'm glad your going to give yourself a name!

  12. Okay. I came up with one. Selah (one of my husband's cousins named their baby this). (I think) It means 'pause' or 'rest'. And, that is what coming to your blog is like for me...a pause, a rest. It's still real life. But, always you make me stop and consider real life in new ways.

  13. could come up with some random symbol for your name (I'm referencing back to your post) or you could be like Rumplestiltskin and have people try to guess your real name...

  14. How about Martha or Mary? Handmaiden was great! It will be hard to choose! Ohh Selah is wonderful!

  15. Okay... I'm not even going to read the comments above me. This totally annoys me.

    When MamaJJ decided she wanted to be called Jennifer... it annoyed me too. You simply cannot change your name. You will always be Thyhand to me. Mustache and all.

    HOWEVER... I do like the name Buttermilk. I use that name for restaurant reservations.

  16. I think of you as Thy Hand, and I definitely don't consider you to be tooting your own horn. :)

    Then again, I'm known as Canadian Doomer, C.D. or Mrs Doomer, with children called Explosion and Starvation, so I'm not an expert on names!

  17. Handmaiden might still come across as 'tooting your own horn' if that's what you're trying to avoid. I like the 'Honey' suggestion. That or 'Mama Bee' seems to suit you, since you are busy and productive (and sweet!).

  18. I understand your desire to protect your name I haven't been following long enough to make any suggestions based on WHO you are. My own "screen name" is based on WHERE I am.

  19. Hmm...I think of you as "thyhand" too. I picture you collecting berries in your garden with your kids and making yummy cakes. Since you love berries so much(I do too!), how Lady? OR Do you have a favorite Bible character(Esther,Ruth,Martha,Mary,Deborah etc..) or in any of the books you read. You can use that too.

    P.S. There are many great suggestions above, you should post a poll or something, it'd be fun to vote!

  20. I have no suggestions - I just wanted you to know that the "formerly known as Thy Hand" part made me laugh. :)


  21. How we see ourselves is not how others see us, so at this point, I have to agree you should probably just stick to Thy Hand because it fits you so well! You're a beautiful example of a godly woman and humble as well. If I were to PICK a name for you, it would be Humility. But I know that is TOTALLY out of the question given who you are, so my vote is Thy Hand or Handmaiden.

  22. How about: know, because you can things and all.
    PantryAPlenty....we have seen the proof, there is plenty in your pantry!
    MamaHen....lots of chickens running around your place there.

    Or you could just use your real name, which I think is a beautiful name. My aunt has the same name, but also uses an abbreviated form of it as well. She is strong and wise, just like you.

    Or another about "MyRealName"?
    Okay, one more shot at it..."Live2Give"

    With love and affection,
    Menno Jeweler

  23. what about Thelma, in keeping with the sound of your former handle?

    or Suzy, for Suzy Homemaker. . .

    or Jane. Plain and simple (and pretty).

  24. I am a total stranger to you, although you do not seem like a stranger to me thanks to all your beautiful writing on this blog. You are a voice that reminds me I am not the only one who is trying to live a simple life of generosity and good work.

    How about "Simplicity"? If you want to get fancy, "Aleithia" means 'truth'; I've always thought it is a beautiful word and you seem to be truthful even if you are afraid your words will sound silly or scolding or judgmental. I like that about you.

  25. I think Grace would suit you. I was looking for a synonym for dedication and grace came up as a synonym for blessing. I've found your blog inspiring and uplifting as I've been lurking over the past year or so. - another character trait name may work well too : )

  26. When you first posted this I had nothing to offer, so said nothing. I was rebelliously thinking, "You can't stop me from calling you ThyHand!" LOL! I don't even remotely think ThyHand is tooting your own horn. On the contrary, I think it points to the fact that God is the provider of all good things. You're not, after all, MyHand. :-) If you absolutely must choose a new name I would pick Handmaiden, since it utilizes part of your current name and implies servanthood. I also liked Honey as a distant second.

  27. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Mama Hand. It's close to your blog name, accurate in that many of your posts are about the kids, and easy to say / remember.
    Juice (almost always a lurker!)

  28. I think it should be something biblical or religious. Some thoughts:
    Ahava (Ezra 8:21-23) - place of fasting and humility (similar to your Psalms 19:14 quote).
    Lydia (Acts 16:14) - worshipper of God with an open heart.
    Tabitha (Acts 9:36 - probably better than Dorcas) - full of good works and acts of charity.
    Woman at the Well (WW) - became a follower of Christ and spread the word to others.
    or simply: "Faith."
    Handmaiden does fit with the blog theme.


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