Monday, July 11, 2011

July in Mosaic, A How To

Have you ever seen those cool mosaics and photo collages that people create and post on their blogs?  I look at them, admiringly, sigh and click away because, while I think they are so cool, I do not want to invest the time in figuring out how to make them on those fancy photo sites.  Oh, sure, for some of you they're a piece of cake, but for me, learning something new like that would take a good chunk of very quiet time when I could sit, read and really think.  Those chunks of time are few and far between (for me, cranking out posts take much less time than you can imagine- this may be evident in my writing and subject matter from time to time).

But!  The other day, I was reading a friend's blog and she mentioned a mosaic-making site, so I clicked over.  Oh.  My.  Word.  It really is a piece of cake- even for someone like me!  I produced my fist mosaic in a manner of a few minutes, no chunk of quiet time required.

Here's how to do it:

1) Go to the website Big Huge Labs here.  Look down the left hand side and click on "Mosaic Maker".

2) Choose your layout (I like squares) and the number of columns and rows you want in your mosaic.

3) Click "Choose Photo" in the box beside the number 1, then click "browse" to begin loading your pictures into the small  window.  They may ask you to create an account.  I did this because it allows you to keep on file the photos you upload for use another time (without re-uploading).  Once you've chosen a photo, click "upload" and, right away, browse again to add more.

4) Once you have the number of photos you need for your mosaic, click on a photo and it will pop over to the box beside number 1.  Then, click on the box beside number two, your photos will pop up and you can click on which photo you want to be second.  Continue until all the boxes are filled, then click "Create".

5) Your mosaic will be revealed and right above it is a button to "save" your mosaic on your computer.

Wallah! That's all there is to it:-).

In mosaic above, left to right: Sam's garden, braided garlic, Rose of Sharon, veggies and dip, Sadie's garden, wineberries, saved spinach seeds, dinosaur at the pool, and another Rose of Sharon. Pin It


  1. But does it cut off part of the pictures? And if so, do you have any control over that?

  2. Oh great. You shouldn't have introduced me to this :)

  3. Jennifer Jo,
    It does just a tad. I haven't played with it enough to figure out if I can do anything about that. Why don't you work on that and get back to me?;-)

  4. I love your mosaic! Isn't it fun? Great tutorial...xoxo

  5. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing and for the tutorial - what fun!

  6. Thanks! I just used this for my blog. I never would have attempted if if you hadn't made it sound so easy. I WILL be using it again.


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