Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Twist

Sometimes you think you have things totally figured out and then, wham!  What you thought was all well and good and maybe even close to perfect is improved upon and it leaves you stunned.

I'm talking about zucchini bread, of course.  What were you thinking about?  Something deeper maybe?  Sorry to disappoint.   Today, it's about zucchini bread, my dears.

I was very happy with my zucchini recipe.  It had been given to me by a college roommate, Anna, and it was perfect in my eyes.  Sure, over the years I tweaked it a little bit using applesauce or pureed cooked butternut squash in place of some of the oil, sometimes using part whole wheat flour, sometimes cutting back a bit on the sugar, but all in all the heart of the recipe remained the same.

Then, my mother rocked my zucchini bread world by starting to add blueberries to the equation.  Have you ever had blueberries in zucchini bread?  Well, you should.  Yes, indeed.  This bread was incredibly moist and delicious and I knew that once I had zucchini again, I'd be asking for the recipe.  Well, here's the kicker.  I called her, jotted it down and then compared it to my own.  It's the same recipe (as my roommate's) minus the blueberries!  Here I had this recipe all along.  Could the addition of the blueberries really make this much difference?!

Well, I set to finding out with my trusty kitchen helper, cowgirl Sadie, and it all proved to be true.  It seems as if blueberries were destined for this recipe.  So, go on and find yourself some blueberries to pick or dig down deep in your freezer and see if you can scrounge up a pint or two.  Then, go here and fold in two cups of blueberries at the end of the recipe, leaving everything else the same.

I made 12 loaves (for the freezer) because there were five whoppers of zucchinis with my name on them.  I told you this bread is good. Pin It


  1. I'm thinking it was the pink cowboy boots that made ALL the difference!! Love it...

    And you know I'm gonna try this recipe...YUM.

  2. 12 loafs like in loafs and fishes?wow

  3. are you sure it wasn't the pink cowgirl boots that made the difference? :D

    I will be making this bread as soon as I get home from Minnesota!!!


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