Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crafty Sisters: Darling Diaper Cakes

It was a year ago that I started this series.  Do you remember the others?  The first one was about my (currently pregnant with twins) sister's knotted blankets.  The second was about Jamey's sister's wooden name signs and the third was my older-of-the-two-yet-still-younger-than-me sister's sweet bulletin boards.  See?  I have crafty sisters.

At my sister's shower this past weekend, my sister-in-law proved (above and beyond) that she should be counted among these crafty sisters.  She's the one who made the two fabulous diaper cakes.  Remember these?

Well, she agreed to share her secrets and below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to assemble one (or two) for your loved one who may be expecting.  Not only are they wonderful gifts, but they help decorate the room at a baby shower.

How to Make a Diaper Cake


• 100-125 diapers - size of your choice
• rubber bands in assorted sizes
• empty paper towel holder OR large baby wash or lotion, large baby bottles
• circular cake base OR piece of cardboard
• ribbon
• baby items to go with theme of your choice
• extra large cellophane bag for wrapping

1. Pick your diaper size.

I like to use size 1 diapers so the cake can be used as a decoration for a little while before the diapers are needed. One three tiered diaper cake will use about 100-125 diapers. (Two cakes for TWINS will use 250

2. Gather materials for the structure of the cake.

3. Bottom tier

Keep diaper folded the way it comes in the package. If one end has a decoration or design, begin with that end and roll diaper so that design is hidden in the center. Secure roll with a rubber band. Repeat until you have about 6-8 diapers rolled. Then, using your empty paper towel holder, baby wash, lotion or baby bottle, place diapers in ring around the object and secure with a rubber band. Usually this takes 6-8 diapers. Form a
second ring of rolled diapers (about 12 diapers) around the first ring, secure with another rubber band. Form a third ring around the second ring, using about 18-20 diapers, and secure with another large rubber band. This is your bottom tier that you can place on cake round. If you do not have large enough rubber bands to secure the rings, use a ribbon. Numbers of diapers are estimated, you can use more or less to make your ring the size that you want. If you are looking for a four tiered cake, make and extra ring at this step, and each step below.

4. Middle tier

The bottom ring will have a portion of your center object sticking out. Use that object as the center of your middle tier and form two rings around it as described above.

5. Top tier

For the top tier, you can use either a small baby bottle or other object for the center, or just use more diapers. Form a tier as described above, with only one ring.

6. Decorations

Now the fun begins! Use a thick ribbon around each tier of the cake to hide the rubber bands. Find something fun to use as a cake topper - a stuffed animal or piggy bank will work nicely. Tie small items around each
tier for decoration. I like to purchase small items from the registry, such as teethers, pacifiers, rattles, car seat toys, etc. You can use onesies or bibs and wrap them around the diapers like you would with fondant or you can roll them up and replace a few diapers with them.

7. Wrapping

I find an extra large clear cellophane bag is a good way to wrap the cake to keep it clean while still letting people admire the finished product.

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