Monday, February 21, 2011

More Birthday News

I know, I know.  I usually (and only infrequently) post about Swagbucks on Saturdays, but today I couldn't resist.  For those of you who will not search with swagbucks no matter what I say, there's another post coming later today, so please don't fret.

So, here's the thing.  Swagbucks (a search engine that earns you Free Stuff) is turning three years old a week from today (on Monday, February 28th).  I'm still sold on this swagbucks thing and regret not starting sooner than I did.  Mavis, my friend who is keen on all things that have to do with saving money, told me about swagbucks long before I first signed up.  But I, possibly like many of you, needed to sit back and watch how it worked for awhile before jumping on the bandwagon.

 Jamey has these same glasses and actually looks a bit like the Swag guy.  Sometimes, when he wears them, he pops in front of my face and says, "You've won 50 swagbucks!"  It cracks me up every time:-).

I signed up back in May 2010 and since then have earned over $500 in Amazon gift cards that I've used for diapers, Christmas gifts, school books, etc.  Currently, I'm spending them on Little House on the Prairie DVDs as fast as I can earn them.  The other day, Sadie donned an apron and asked asked me to braid her hair "like Laura" and she has the same crush on Pa that I do did.

Now, I do want to be fair in telling you that you likely will not earn as many swagbucks as fast as I did unless you have a vehicle, like blogging, where you can share your love of swagbucks with others.  When they earn swagbucks, you do too- up to 1,000.  Is this a reason not to do it?  Goodness, no!  Even if you earn 1/10 of what I did, you'll earn it effortlessly and it will be money you did not have before.

So, here's the awesome news.  Not only are they doing all kinds of fun things over at this week through Monday to celebrate, if you sign up (using this link) between now and Monday (the 28th) not only will you earn the standard 30 bonus SB, you can earn an additional 50 bonus SB when you then enter a special code.

Here is exactly how to do it...

1) Click here.

2) Enter your information to sign up (I've received ZERO spam relating to swagbucks) AND AT THE SAME TIME...

3) Enter this code 3rdBirthday147 into the window that asks for a special code (this earns you the extra 50 SB).

4) Then, complete the instructions.

5) Once signed up, click on "Toolbars" all the way at the top and then click "Download" to get the swagbucks toolbar/search box.  This is where you will search for things online instead of in your google or yahoo search box.  Occasionally when you search, a special box will pop up telling you you've won swagbucks.  There are other ways to earn as well, but don't concern yourself with those now.  Just start searching as you normally do (over-searching can keep you from earning) and browse around the site to learn about other ways to earn as you have time.

That's it!!

To read more about what *I* do to earn swagbucks, click here.  Happy earning!  Every little (or big) bit helps:-). Pin It


  1. So far I have earned $345 in Amazon Gift Cards via Swagbucks... right now I'm saving up for another $50 gift card... hopefully I'll have enough points by the end of the month.

    I wish more people would sign up... If they only knew they could get all their Christmas shopping done for FREE I think they'd do it in a heartbeat!

  2. Hi! I just thought I'd share that about 2 weeks ago I signed up for SwagBucks from your link and I LOVE IT! What a great way to earn free stuff! And who doesn't love free stuff! Have a very Blessed week!

  3. I'm so happy you share your swag buck info, I'v really learned alot. I am so thankful for swag bucks, because every penney counts!


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