Friday, October 22, 2010

Cheap Entertainment

My brother and his wife are moving to Florida.  While we are super excited for them, we will also miss them dearly.  Once they leave, our closest relatives will be two hours away.  Not too bad, but having family in the same town in way better.  One thing that is making the idea a little less painful is this...

My brother is leaving us his moped.  This moped was our other brother's when he was a boy, but, it's still way cool.  Now we spend our evenings taking turns riding around our property.

What do you do for inexpensive and fun family entertainment?  I think we could all use some ideas:-). Pin It


  1. What a hoot!! Even though your family will be far away, never forget you have "family" who is close by. :-)

  2. The hospital in downtown Indy has what they call a "people mover" - it helps staff to get from one hospital to another. A train basically . . . raised in the air, anyway, it is free and my kids love to take a ride on it anytime we are downtown!

  3. We LoVe night walks. We wait until dusk, or sometimes even dark and we all head out for a walk. We take flashlights and the kids love it. In the winter it's especially fun with them all bundled up. Helps to kill time between dinner and bedtime, and it helps to get out those last willie nillies before bedtime.

  4. I sneak into the room where the kids are playing and listen to their games. They are so funny when they think no one is listening.

  5. Im so sorry to hear your brothers moving so far. We moved from Virginia to Texas and its way to far to ever drive "home" to visit. I hope they love the heat! Its so so very Hot here. Ill take the Northern weather anyday! Thats great for them and sad for you..Huggs xo

  6. Well, we're city folk so we like to go for walks or to the park behind our house. In the summer, we walk downtown for ice cream ($6 for the whole family) and then the walk home burns off the sugar.
    We play hide and seek (verrrry entertaining with kids who don't get the concept!) or CandyLand or put on fun music and dance around.

    I would dearly love to burn around your yard on a moped!

  7. well we're in florida and i would take your state ANY DAY over here LOL - can you say HOT??

    It's actually starting to cool down though for us - and for 'free entertainment' we let the boys pop up the tent in the backyard and have sleepovers.

  8. Love the moped entertainment!
    Our 2 year old is quite entertaining all by herself, also, lots of cards and games, and baseball. We also have lots of bike trails around us, and now that all 5 of us are able to ride bike, it's a lot of fun.

  9. Oh my, we could use some good sources of entertainment today...we are all locked inside while it pours rain outside. I think Micki is going to show the grandson how to make a pumpkin pie today and then they are going to a pumpkin painting event in town. The boy just finished shucking and sorting through some of our dry runner beans and is now in the kitchen helping to make some of Jennifer Joe's wonderful oatmeal pancakes for a late breakfast while discussing school projects with grandma. I love the fun.:)

  10. Our newest found interest is putting on barn boots and heading into the pastures. Fresh cow pies are much more entertaining and allow for better "surfing." :)



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