Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let Me Be Direct

Make these (or buy some)...


so that you can make this.

I made my double batch.  It's time you made yours.  You can hug me later (since that is what folks might do to you after they've tasted this).

In addition to getting those pesto tortes in the freezer (they are perfect for taking to get-togethers- just thaw and pick up some crackers on the way), we've been tackling our rest-of-summer-to-do-list.

Jamey's been attacking all manner of tree and bush with the chain saw we have on loan from my father.  Don't feel sorry for the trees and bushes.  They've been needing to be attacked for years.

Our corn crop is less than stellar (thanks to the dry spell), so we bought 4 dozen ears at our favorite local produce stand and froze it.  We're hoping to go back for more.

We ran out, so I made another batch of pie crusts and cooked up the last two frozen chickens in our freezer to make room for all we have left to freeze.

Our tomatoes are coming, but I won't have enough to make sauce yet (I like to make huge batches versus small ones), so I've been chopping up the tomatoes and putting them in the freezer.  The recipe I use lets you keep the skins on- it's a HUGE time saver and you can't even tell the skins are in there.  I'll show you what I'm talking about next week when I make a batch.

The 8 meat birds have been moved out of the chicken tractor and in with the laying hens and roosters.  They are fairing very well.  They'll be harvested in a couple weeks (hence the need for freezer space).

Our peaches have been picked.  I love saying that- OUR peaches.  This is the first year our four peach trees produced.  We picked 52 peaches.  Of course I counted.  They are ripening on the counter.  We've already eaten one and it was fabulous.

Speaking of peaches, our four bushel of peaches will be ready for pick up next week.  I'm sharing this order with my brother and sister who will be coming to help put up canned peaches, jam and peach salsa (just wait for this recipe- you're going to want to make lots).  It's going to be a sort of peach factory here next week.  Oh, my.  I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

Fall crops of lettuce, spinach and broccoli are being planted.  Jamey hacked down the Swiss chard because the bugs had gotten to it in the heat.  I cleared the debris and am hoping it will come back- without the lace look- so I can freeze some more.

Jamey installed much needed shelves in laundry room and he's working on putting real legs on this old table top (so he can have his saw horses back).  I can't wait to use this as my sewing/work table. I'm itching to piece a new quilt top this fall.  Never mind that Miriam's quilt (you can get a few peeks here) hasn't been quilted yet.  She won't be big enough for a real bed (and real-sized quilt) until next winter anyway.

Well.  I guess I just made up for no words yesterday.  Don't forget about that pesto torte.  I'm telling you.  It's worth the effort.
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  1. Have you ever made the torte with alternate nuts? I keep cashews and walnuts in bulk, but never almonds. Thoughts?

  2. you know if you post something about the garden i'm going to have questions. are you planting your fall stuff from seed? my garden didn't fair nearly as well as i'd hoped, the bugs got into my bok choy and destroyed it. i'm taking suggestions how to keep caterpillars/worms out without chemicals.
    and i'm totally going to make that torte thing. yum.

  3. Wow - that torte looks fabulous!!! I will have to make it some time when I am willing to use up a large amount of roasted tomatoes and pesto on one recipe . . . we'll see if and when I do! :-)

    By the way - putting a sprig of stevia in a glass of cold tea does absolutely NOTHING to the taste. Oh, well. It's still a cool plant. Maybe I'll try making some stevia-mint tea and see if I like it. I have enough of both at this point!

  4. Kelly, I've used several different kinds of nuts in this torte & it's always turned out great.

    Katie, our lettuce & spinach is from seed and broccoli is from transplants. That's about all we do for fall vegetables. Although we sometimes have trouble with bugs too, we generally aim to have the plants be as healthy as possible so they have a chance to defend themselves. Of course, we do still do lose plants to bugs occassionally :)

  5. The torte looks WONDERFUL; be sure to post your tomato recipe - is it for canning whole, diced, crushed tomatoes? And once again, I'm totally impressed by this whole pie crust thing. I've GOT to carve out some time to do this, but I think I procrastinate because I'm a TERRIBLE crust maker. Can you just run over and show me how in person? Just kidding. Glad your list is getting done!


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